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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another day bites the dust

Work today was... intensive! Large complex spreadsheets with me hunched over checking formulas on pages and pages ... my eyes are exhausted, so this will be short!

I ate well - had another giant salad for lunch! YUMMY!! I needed a break from the office so I hopped in my car and went to the Starbucks for a caffeine induces afternoon kick up the arse. I also got a vanilla scone.

I wanted a GREAT BIG HUGE SUGARY SCONE... what I got was.....
a single little "petite vanilla bean scone".
Good thing I didn't know what I was buying or I would have asked for three of the little buggers! In the end, it was a nice treat and the perfect size with my fat free latte. Not to mention a good lesson in the difference between "what I want" and what "what will actually satisfy me".
Got home and me and Mr.Tamzin went for a walk. Did about a mile and a half. Nothing too crazy, but it was nice out and good to get the legs going. Tomorrow... gym time!

Get to bed bloggers!!!!!! I know I am headed there asap!

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CJ said...

Well the pic is so tempting! Good that you resisted caving in!