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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Day 2 ... walking goal accomplished. How'd ya like that?! Gold Star for me!

My legs are arms are pretty sore today from Mondays workout, but I suspect that I should be fine tomorrow and the plan is to hit the office gym again during my lunch hour.

Food has been good. We had some lovely ground turkey with veg and rice with Rogan Josh(spelling?) Indian sauce over top. Lovely! I've been taking big salads to lunch at the office for the last while and today's was fantastic: Mixed Greens, 1/2 green apple, roasted chicken bits, green grapes, 1 oz brie cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette. Yummy!! That and some laughing cow cheese and whole grain wasa crackers. Lunch was magnificent.

We had a very nice walk - 2miles total. Got home - changed and me and the husband were off to the park. It was getting dark when we finished but got some great blue sky and I was even in shorts. :)

Water today has been poor to appalling. Trying to get some more in my now.

Today has been a good day!


Lisa said...

Your lunch sounded yummy today. Mmmm, your making me hungry.
I just picked up my supply of laughing cow cheese wedges and Wasa crackers. Makes a great snack. I crunch up my wasa crackers and put them in my soup too..kinda like croutons, hehe
WAY to go on your walking.


CJ said...

Looks like a good day! Way to go with walking.

spunkysuzi said...

A+ indeed!!

Katie J said...

Keep it up T! You are doing great.

Katie J said...

Keep it up T! You are doing great.

Laryssa said...

WAY TO GO, GIRL!!! Great exercise. Now, how are we going to get you to drink all your water? ;)

anne h said...

A couple of gold stars for you today!