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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well today is weigh in day and I was optimistic for a loss, but not surprised to see the scale go up again.

Weight In: 294.4
Up - 1.6lbs

I'm really VERY pleased with my exercise this week, and I will be carrying on with that and I shall these this stand as the high point this week.

But Thursday - Friday - Saturday my eating was... frankly ...a little ridiculous for someone who is "trying to lose weight".

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were GREAT! lots of greens, good veggies, home made dinners and lunch's... and under calories every day (-200-400 daily).

Thursday night post dinner - we ended up at the Dairy Queen and I got a hot fudge Sunday, I also had the mini scone and latte that day.

Friday is "breakfast day" at the office and well... I ate (over the course of the day) 3 donuts and a sausage, egg and cheese croissant....then it gets worse. We went to the movies.... Popcorn and M&M's shared with Hubby... and then a couple of sushi rolls shared post movie for "dinner".

Saturday day was good... but we went for dinner at a nice Indian restaurant and I really gorged myself. Not good. Not good at all.


So now, in light of typing out all of these ... I really can not be surprised that I had a gain this week. I can workout all I want, but if I eat too much, there is never going to be a loss.

Right... Right. This is not news. This is not rocket science. I seem to be able to manage one or the other at the moment. Good eating - no workouts... Good workouts - poor eating...

Next week I'm going to get this under control. I need a solution for "free for all Fridays" when its all terrible food and sweets laid out in the office kitchen (giant home breakfast is what I'm thinking). I started eating poorly and then I stopped counting calories. This week I will count calories BEFORE I eat the offending items.


CJ said...

Aw! Its ok. You have been working out so well, the scale is gonna catch up with you sooner or later. ((hugs))

Laryssa said...

This darned rollercoaster ride is so annoying, isn't it? I'm starting today and I'm hoping I can keep it going and not give up in a few days after I've gotten tired from cleaning and organizing! LOL

Big healthy breakfast is the way to go for "free for all Friday". That's what I would do when we had catered meetings at work. It worked for me ... that is, when I actually ate the breakfast at home. If not, I would end up overeating and figure "what the heck" when lunch and dinner came around. Always messed me up! I do notice that it helps me to count the calories I'm going to eat before I eat them. If I look afterwards, like with Saturday, I want to just die!! :)

Here's to success this week!!

Blubeari said...

Why is it so hard to stay on plan on the weekends?! I have not got this one figured out yet but I'm sure I'd be doing better if I did.

anne h said...

Onward and downward, eh?

spunkysuzi said...

I know my days off are a lot harder than when i work!
If you keep on working out that scale has to smile sometime :)