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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swift Kick!!

Morning Weight In: 290.6lbs

Wait.....This is starting to freak me out. I jumped on the scale quickly last night to make sure that it was still working.. it is. Really....does eating right (tossing junk), drinking water and getting exercise really work?!! ha ha!

I made some "behavior changes" this week. Its Thursday and I have ate my packed lunch every day this week. We have yet to have a meal out at all, and typically I would have had 1 or 2 (or 3) meals courtesy of restaurants by now.

We had Colcannon (Irish dish of cabbage, kale, onion and potatoes and corn beef) for Dinner on St.Patties day. I had it at lunch today with my salad (greens, strawberries, pear, chicken breast, and goat cheese with raspberry vinaigrette...yes it was that good!). Needless to day I was .... a bit windy today at the office. We had it for dinner today as well ... so I don't know what I am going to do tomorrow! Ekk! My poor co-workers, I'm going to be Crop-Dusting all day!

Friday if "Free for all Food Frenzy" at the office. So I am going to make my hearty Oatmeal breakfast bowl tonight... it will be an "add water & nuke" deali-o that I can take with me to work. That will fill me up and hopefully keep the munchies away. I may stop and get a Starbucks coffee to drink at my desk...if that will keep me out of the offending kitchen where the snacks live.
Today I didn't get into the gym - the left side of my lower back is still complaining about my run in with the garbage can.. and its tight, so today was walking in the evening with the husband. Very lovely out and an enjoyable evening!

Small Steps I took Today:
1. Had a yogurt and a nectarine for an afternoon snack instead of letting myself get too hungry and go get terrible treats to comfort myself
2. Said no to my co-workers inviting me out for lunch
3. Walking after dinner, even though I wanted to just sit on the couch and veg


CJ said...

Congrats on the loss! You sre going great!!

Blubeari said...

GREAT small steps. Those are the things that make the difference.