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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Day 1 of weigh in every day went well.

Which is GREAT, and horrible…because now I have an expectation of what I can and should do. And expectations can be dangerous things. Which I will parley into my post here a little later.

Of course, I also drank a LOT (more) water (than I have been typically drinking) yesterday, had great homemade food all day (no junk!), got a good night’s rest last night, and had a giant poo right before stepping on the scale. All of these things are part of the real long term solution for my weight loss. The only missing link was exercise, which I did not do yesterday.

Weigh In: 290.6 (down 5.6lbs) !!!!!

I wanted to get some junk food yesterday – getting punched in the wallet is what stopped me. I had no cash and the only bank machine costs me $5 in transaction fees to get out money… I couldn’t justify that for $1.50's worth of M&M’s costing me $6. I also know that these feelings of “needing and deserving” junk is all part of the bigger issue. I need to learn to ignore these, or change them… but for now, I’m going to settle on just managing to be too cheap to buy any!

So now I can expect more from myself, because I know I can do it. It is possible to lose the weight, it is possible for me not to eat junk. But with expectations comes the dark side of “not living up to them”. Which is what happened with a particularly wonderful supportive and bright blogger names Lisa (and her friends that she directed here). Who I let down, I don’t know what she was expecting, but I did not deliver and for that I am sorry.


CJ said...

Congrats on the loss! Thats great motivator! Don't worry about living up to other people's expectations. Its a game where only you matter!

VRaz60 said...

Great loss!! Expectations be damned! Do whatever you need to do FOR you. We're all here for one another, yet some of us struggle, and some just cruise along with seemingly great ease. Each of us is on an individual journey, and the help and support of others is truly wonderful, but the whole journey is up to us. We can, and will, do this.