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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturdays workout...Brought to you by the letter "L"

L is for LEAVES... and lots of them!!!!

I skipped step class and went for a morning walk with Mr.Tamzin. Just under 3miles!
Then we went to the Lows for some more supplies for the house. Hubby went to work on the "blue work" inside - taps needed fixing and there was a new blind to install in the bedroom...various other bits and bobs of things.
However, I went out to rake the yard.
It was 45min of solid raking (I timed myself), then another 40min to pick up and bag everything. 14 bags of leaves all ready to go!

I'm... exhausted. :) But it was truly beautiful out, so I'm not going to complain. In fact, it feels pretty darn good!


Laryssa said...

Nice workout! Even though you didn't do the step class, I'm sure you burned lots of calories with that yard work.

Lisa said...

I'm sure you will feel great knowing that you burned a whopping 428 calories during that first 45 mins of raking leaves.....(that's not even including the additional 40 minutes you spent bagging...hehe

caloriesperhour.com has a great activitie calculator on there and raking leaves/lawn is one of the activities listed....so I entered in your last weight (that you posted on your blog) and your first 45 mins...and that's what it came back as.

WAY TO GO!!!! That's awesome. There is no doubt you burned a huge amount of calories today...and I'm sure your lawn is looking great too, hehe.


anne h said...

Dirty dog hard work!
Good job!

CJ said...

Oooh! thats like a ton of work! Awesome!

Blubeari said...

Non gym workouts are the best!

SeaShore said...

Leaf raking is a great workout!