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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Right....We had a friend in town tonight from the big D and we had ... of course... dinner plans.

HOWEVER TODAY...... I ate LOTS of good healthy food in the daytime and at dinner was not that interested/starving! Between the three of us we shared 1 appy. and I had a beautiful Butternut Squash arugula salad with pumpkin seeds and lime vinaigrette. SO delicious. We all shared a strawberry scone for dessert. I have to say - I feel REALLY AWESOME about taking control of my eating out - to enjoy it, and also to manage my intake. I got some sweet, some fatty, but I ate a great salad and LOVED it. Hurray!

Finished inputting all my info and I am under calories and that feels pretty darn good.

I've not done great at water today - trying to get some more in. And tomorrow is Friday Food Frenzy... however its my turn to bring something - egg white, asparagus, red onion mini (muffin sized) frittats. :) I can't wait.

Also - to delve into the TMI region of things.

I got my period today finally after about 7 weeks of waiting. I had to go off the pill - NOT trying to get preggers (everything to do with not having HC in the 2 months of time that I am uninsured between leaving Canada and getting covered at the office here and I refused to pay $200 for a check up to then have to pay for 2 months of pills - my gawds I'm cheap!). So, anyway, currently the hubby and I are on an "all oral program"! LOL Great for me - and I do love to put stuff in my mouth!! HAHAHA!! Anyway - feeling bloated and ug, so that has a lot to explain it.

This mornings weigh in - 292.6


CJ said...

Great choices there! You are doing so great!

I hate bloating up during periods! Makes me fat!

spunkysuzi said...

Isn't it great when you get to the point you can approximate calories and be right on program :)

Deniz said...

Wow, Tamzin. Sounds like you are motoring at the moment! More power to your elbow.

Katie J said...

6.4 lbs! That is a freakin AWESOME loss Tamzin! Way to go you! Wooowooo!

Have a good weekend!