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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


If you think that what you eat does not affect your body. Eat some asparagus, drink some water and have a pee....

My gawds, thats a "special" smell.

WI: 291.4... had morning movement at the office.... so I'm not really that concerned! ha!

Right - that out of the way - today was great - good food at the office, I briefly considered getting a diet coke or a coffee this afternoon, but distracted myself and totally forgot about both.
I`ve been eating better and today I noticed this... that I am less hungry and eat far less than I thought that I needed. Its a good feeling - to eat a pot of yogurt at 3.30 in the afternoon and not have thought about eating since lunch at 12.30. Progress!

Went right to the gym after work and did 5min on the elliptical - then 3 sets of my military press (20lb bells), bicep curls (20lb bells) and leg press (225lbs). Hit the park for a 25 power walk with the ipod. Laughably, it took 25 for me to get through all the traffic and get home. No wonder people don't get out as much as they should.
Ah well - I had my favorite 80's mix in and listened to Major Tom on repeat. I love that song. :)

All done for the day - time for some cuddles in bed and reading.


tena said...

And isn't your pee a lovely color? You are doing great, Tammy! I see a lot of changes going in around here. And you make me proud drinking your water *sniff, sniff*


Deniz said...

Sound like a great day!

Hmmm, asparagus isn't one of my favourite veggies.... maybe this is why ;-)

CJ said...

Good going! You are doing so great! Keep it up!

She woke up FAT said...

I have tried, but I just can't eat asparagus.

Katie J said...

For my giveaway, I asked what peoples fave veggie was and asparagus was a front runner. I personally love it too.

P.S. Do you go by Tammy - short for Tamzin? I like Tamzin :-D

Tamzin said...

I wish - Tamzin is a nickname I picked up while living in the UK for a number of years. My given name is Tammy - but its Tamzin to all my friends. :)