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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well ....finally today I went and get those damn M&M's. I caved. I have stayed under calories and ate 11 servings of fruit/veggies today, so that is good, but .... I did eat a bag of M&M's while there were strawberries in the fridge.

Oh no...Lisa just commented while I was writing this - about how great I was doing to resist these... I feel shame. :( Lisa - thank you for the reminder that I could do without!

Today's Victory was pretty special though! After a long day at the office (in early - no lunch break - this is our busy week), I convinced myself to do my weights workout before heading home. I literally said to myself, "Because you DO NOT want to do this, MEANS that you should"!!!

45min later and I was on my way home. Feels good. 10min elliptical warm up, 3 sets of 10 reps each arm Dumbbell snatches. 1x with 25lb weight, the last 2 with 20lbs weight.

Dinner was a lovely bit of leftovers and now I'm going to try and drink some more water, perv some blogs and get to bed early! Up to the office early tomorrow as well... this is the hell week.


Lisa said...

LOL...I actually just came back to edit my last comment and you have already posted again...rofl.

My last comment came out wrong. First, let me say this...Having M&M's once in a while is NOT a failure. Now when you start eating them everyday, this is a problem that needs to be nipped in the bud, lol

I just got done commenting on someone else's blog about this very topic. This other person also felt bad for eating M&M's as well as some other "not so healthy" foods.

I'm am here to tell you that MODERATION is the key...I know this because it is working for me.

I chose NOT to ELIMINATE any type of foods from my diet...and that includes candy bars, icecream, chips ect. What i have doine instead is moderate the amounts and frequency of these types of foods.
I still enjoy candy bars (I actually love peanut M&Ms, lol)...but I now have them occasionally...not every day...but perhaps I will have a candy bar every few weeks or a soda pop here or there.

Because I have done this, I don't feel deprived. I don't go on "end of the month" munchie attacks...and I don't feel guilty when I DO have a candy bar, or soda, or whatever.

So...disregard my last comment, lol (It didn't come out right and it's not what I meant)

You are doing just fine...remember, limited the junky foods, don't eliminate them...cause elimination leads to wanting them MORE!

Does that make sense??


anne h said...

I try to make myself do things that I don't want to do...it's crazy logic, in a way, but it works!

CJ said...

M&M's are ok as long as elliptical is making its presence felt :D. Its ok to cave in at times.

Laryssa said...

Well you enjoyed your M&Ms but you worked out so it evens it all out. Lisa is right. It's all moderation. Hey, skinny folks can have M&Ms once in a while, why can't we? :)

Tamzin said...

No worries at all Lisa! :)

Thank you for all your comments! I love it.

I wil full admit today that I stayed AWAY from the M&M's...just by thinking about this!! teehee

Whatever works eh!?! :)