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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I weighed in....


Down - 1.8lbs

I'm not sad to be seeing the back end of February, that is for sure. I have my goals for March all ready to go, but that is for another post.

Time for a busy Sunday.... ps - today is full of better choices then usual! More on that later too!

Happy Sunday all!


spunkysuzi said...

I hear you on February i'm so ready to get past that!! Onto better things :) Congrats on the nice loss this week, you are just kicking those pounds to the curb!

Lisa said...

I just started my own weight loss blog about a week ago and through some new blogging friends, I found your blog.
I started just a little below you at 283lbs...but I swear, those pictures of you that you have up(it's as if i'm looking at my own body)
If it's ok, I like to follow you on this journey :)
Perhaps we can keep each other motivated?


Laryssa said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. I'll be starting March with lots of changes myself, primarily becoming a full-time housewife. I'm hoping that leaving a job where I've been harassed because of my weight will help me focus on me and get me back to losing. We can keep each other motivated to become "losers".

Blubeari said...

It's always great to start anew if the month hasn't been great. I love new beginnings. :-)

CJ said...

So good! Thats a nice number there. Congrats!