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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Average day

Once again too much coffee at the office, not enough greens and veggies and fibre.

We have a new coffee machine and I think the novelty of getting a latte/cappichino is too much for me to resist! The only good thing is that they are damn small. About 5oz I would say. Also a spell of frugality has overtaken me and I did a calculation that I was spending over $100 a month on coffee. THAT.IS.NOT.ACCEPTABLE.

I didn't get in enough water at the office, but I'm doing my best now. However it was treat day and I did eat 2 mini Cinnamon buns. Not great.

1 oatmeal pancake
Coffee (lattes) x 4
1c BNS mac&cheese
1c mixed vegges and 1/2 tsp butter
2 Cinnamon buns
office latte
4x oatmeal pancakes
1c raspberries
1T becel

So today's food has been pretty darn beige. Nary an apple, orange or clementine to be seen. Lunch was great - squash, green veg, whole wheat noodles, but I need to get some more veggies and good stuff in me. I'm just so not jazzed about eating salad right now. Not too sure what it is, but I have all the good makings in the fridge, but I just don't want to eat it.

Other then that - the "pancakes" are not the healthiest thing you can have - but not terrible. Or so I'm guessing actually.... lets see what the numbers say....

1c Bisquick (480 cal)
1c whole oats (480 cal)
1/2c egg whites (60 cal)
1c almond milk (40 cal)
2T ground flax seeds (60 cal)

This makes 6 pretty substantial pancakes. So that's 1120 cal / 6 pancakes = 187cal per.
little Pam spray in the pan and a couple of minutes of stove top work and they are done.

Well - I have to admit I thought that it would be a bit worse then that. :) Okay - time to drink the last of my water and head to bed!!


Helen's Journey said...

I used to eat a salad every day (the last time I was on a diet) and then I suddenly went off them for ages. I don't have that many salads now, but put salady stuff in my sandwiches/pittas/wraps. Have you thought about trying that?

BTW I've moved blogs to

Nerd Girl said...

i am so not a salad girl either..i never eat them. Being on a diet doesn't mean salads!! I usually eat lean meats as my main portion of my meal such as chicken, turkey or egg whites along with some type of veggie. If you make a promise to yourself that at every meal you have you have at least 1 lean meat and 1 veggie, you can fill up on those things before anything else. Also, remember that creating these heatlhy habits takes a lot of time. It takes time for the habit to catch up with the thought in your mind, so even if you just have small changes throughout the day, they ARE changes and they will build on eachother!! Good luck you are doing great!!

Getting Healthy said...

In the winter I seem to lose the "want" of salad a bit. Something about warmer weather brings it back around. The winter, soups filled with veggies take the place. Helen's idea is a good one also. Lately drier cole slaws or broccoli slaw have been tasty. I have not done it lately but in the past variations of picos and salsa can be a nice change. Sometimes just the change in flavors brings back the wanting of the veggies for me (herbed, citrused, some nuts thrown in, whatever ).