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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fat and Sick

well.. I have to get back on the wagon here.

A weekend of debauchery left me on weigh in day at 275.2, today I was back down to 272.2lbs. I ate gross stuff, felt like rubbish, and then more cold weather and snow settled in and I didn't yoga or run on Sunday.

I'm sick again, this fluctuating spring weather always gets me. I have 2 dental appointments this week - Thursday is my surgery. Ug!

I need to get back into eating right - and its hard. I have not motivation to get out after work and shop, nothing in the house appeals.

Friday Dinner - Wendy's taco salad, potato w/sour cream & chives, large frosty
Sat Bfast - Eggs, bacon, toast, hasbrowns (out)
Sat Lunch - 2 slices pizza - pepperoni and veggie
Sat dinner - Indian take-away - Butter chicken, rice and a nan bread
Sunday bfast - home-made oatmeal pancakes
Sunday lunch - can't recall
Sunday Dinner - thin crust, double pepperoni pizza with 2 diet cokes.

yep...no wonder I'm sick. Yesterday I had a bellyache all day. I've been suffering physically from my poor eating. Its been bad enough that the thought of my pepperoni pizza is making me feel sicker.

back on it!


Katie said...

I've been going through the same thing....if I could just exercise without coughing to the point of needing to throw up....it wouldn't be so bad. ugh!

Good luck on the surgery!
Do you think part of the eating is nerves from the upcoming procedure?

e-hugs! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry things aren't going well. It'll get better.