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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yoga is easy *scoffs*

Yeah...Riiiiiiiight. That's what I thought before this first ashtunga (pose style) beginners class. It was bloody hard work! Not the "bring your blanket" Sunday yoga by any stretch.

Downward Facing Dog.... easy! This is "rest position" in all the books and shit. Well let me tell you - but the end I was having a hard time staying in the child's pose...which is about as close to laying face down as you can get! My wrists! My knees!! My gawd! No wonder yoga people look like they do. This should be interesting to say the least. I'm pretty much dying right now. My arms where shaking.

Sadly - there were a number of moves where my belly was in the way...I imagine that it will be for some time as I am neither very flexible, and that is where most of my fat hangs. I feel for the people who might have had to look upon that travesty this evening. But as our lady said to us, "this is not a competition, you have to honor your body for the work it did today so that it can be a better body next time". Interesting, I quite liked that thought.

Today was a victorious food day - I passed the McSammich area that is now the "treat place" that is now thankfully far far away from my desk and through a door (finally! out of sight out of mind)... and it was cleared off of all evidence of any McCrimes. I am not surprised - people here are like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

I had a good day of eating - not enough water - trying hard to work on that right now. Work is busy - but not crazy and I'm going to get some good zzzz's in tonight for sure.

I also managed to walk home 1km today as well.

1 pot activia yogurt
1 med banana
V-8 single serving box (50calories! hot damn!)
1 clementine
coffee with cream x2
Lunch (late - 1pm):
Sushi - 3 salmon sushi, 3 tuna sushi, 2 salmon sashimi, 1 tuna sashimi, 1 shrimp roll, 1 avocado California roll with lots of wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.
3 clementines (eaten throughout the afternoon)
coffee with cream
4 slices turkey breast
2 triangles laughing cow cheese
5 x oatmeal pancakes
1/2T becel
2T maple syrup

Water.... had 1l at the office today. BAD! I've had just over a liter now at home, so I'm one behind today. Need to get onto that again.


MizFit said...

eh, you can always get in more water :)
great job.

(and the yoga? I feel you. and yet agree with your teacher in that I LOVE the word honor in her phrase. never thought of it in that fashion)

Katie said...

whoohoo! You're doing a great job! I love Yoga...but it's hard! I didn't really understand that until I tried it out. My tummy is huge and I have to adjust some moves and cannot do a couple of others at all until I lose enough to manage it.
I love the McCrimes....perfect word choice! lol

Tena said...

I love what your teacher said! Yoga is hard but it feels so good after.

My belly was so big when I started riding my bike again that it felt like a basketball! It's still big, but getting smaller so pedaling is getting easier!

Have a great weekend, girlie!