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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in the Saddle....

Back in the saddle again. I have to say that my falls are not as far or as long as they used to be. I'm still doing better things. But I need to try harder.

Or rather. I need to get back into planning again. I'm not planning meals or exercise, my fridge is a mess, there is rotting fruit & veg in the drawers and that is really unappealing.

Tomorrow is my oral surgery... I'm really scared. I know its for the best but sedation and surgery are scary!! I'm a terrible dental patient at the best of time. I'm worried about what I might say or do while sedated. Silly eh!?

I have a friend coming to pick me up - so I have to clean the house tonight - its a mess as well. Honestly - how am I suppose to get any thing good done for myself when I can't even see the floors for all the clothes and rubbish I've strewn around.

This weekend will be a super duper spring clean up. Other then that - I had a fabulous salad for lunch, with grilled salmon. Yum! I'm barking like a seal with with cough. Its not great so I will end up missing yoga again this week since I don't want to be the evil person who gets everyone else sick and then gets lots of dirty looks post class for interrupting the meditation.

I have to say that I'm missing it. I really wish that I was well enough to go tonight, but its not fair to them, or me. So another night in for me. I'm going to make it another early one... and perhaps another hot bath!!

Thanks All for me. I'm hoping to get in and really have a good perv through all the other blogs that I've been missing out on - as well as through a few new ones that I've added.

over and out!


Anonymous said...

Good luck at the dentist tomorrow. I don't like the idea of being sedated either.

Mel said...

I'm glad the falls are becoming quicker.. that's always a good thing! Good luck with the Dentist tomorrow.. and feel better soon!

David Showers said...

Good luck at the Dentist and GREAT JOB on the weight loss!

Bunny Trails said...

Now you know I'm going to have that song in my head now.... 'back in the saddle again..' LOL

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!! I've been gone a little while and have missed reading your blog. I am happy to be back :) I know everything will go along famously!!

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

Hope your surgery went well. Looking forward to hearing from you. I'm so glad to hear that your falls are not as long or as far as they used to be. That is such a great accomplishment!

You CAN do this!

Chews to Lose said...

funny - you're back in the saddle and I'm back on my horse. Hmmmm.....

I hope your oral surgery went well.