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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do no harm

More water has been suiting me very well I have to say. Not like this is some sort of massive mystery…ohhh water the life force. But its still good to know that as I increase my intake of water I generally feel better and fuller, and happier. Not to mention that I'm getting more active again - so I need more. The scale moved downward again this morning, and I know that has a lot to do with my body being able to process the food that I'm eating more easily when hydrated.

I walked home 1km last night - had a bowl of cereal and then off to running. 6min run with 1 min walk between sets x3 - plus about 5min walking on either end for warm up and cool down. The run was good (my legs are feeling better), however the conversation that was had was much more interesting.

We ended up talking with our running instructor regarding her consultation with a plastic surgeon. She had been trying to get a recommendation for a tummy-tuck and liposuction. She carries her weight exactly like I do, all in the belly/front. However, she has had three children (one single and one set was twins). She is very active - goes to the gym regularly, runs 4 times a week, and had a part time job, goes to school and of course, all the mom and house stuff.

Needless to say she was shocked by the treatment that she received from the surgeon. He grabbed her belly, shook it, and then said to her, "I just can't believe how much mass is in there, that is SO MUCH FAT, you are so heavy" and then in disbelief told her how he was amazed that she could function and didn't have knee and hip issues. He then berated and belittled her for the next 15 minutes telling her that everything she said raised "red flags" to him and that she was "lying" about the amount of exercise that she did and how much food she ate.

He told her that she needed to be 110lbs (she is about 5'6, and overweight - maybe 180-190 at MOST…FAR FAR smaller then I am - but shorter as well) and that at her "SIZE" he couldn’t help her, she is "just too fat". Her sister was with her and the Dr. asked her weight. The sister is a normal sized 140lbs. He said, "see 140lbs and she has too much fat too, you both should be under 110". Brutal, just brutal.

She was so terribly upset by it all and frankly so was I. First of all - this doctor is supposed to be a professional, and not only that - it is his oath to do no harm. Honestly - what he did to her cause harm, mental harm. In the same way that someone who is fat get teased their whole life, ridiculed by family and friends and strangers and of course, herself. You would think, a man whose' job is dealing with lypo and tummy tucks (and implants!) would be more sympathetic to her plight. But he was a total bastard.

I told her that a doctor like that isn't really interested in the hard work. He wants boob-jobs at 7 grand a tit. Easy-peasey-lemon-squeezy surgeries that don't take 7+ hours of careful exhausting work. He wants to suck fat out of skinny women who think that one extra inch of "flab" on their backside is what is keeping them from the next millionaire husband, or why they are not happy at home.

Her case is more difficult surgery, painstaking - his carelessness and disdain would end up causing her more harm then the fat on her body. I told her to write a complain to the Medical board, as I really believe that kind of attitude from doctors is totally and unequivocally evil. It’s a pervasive attitude that should never be passed on to a patient. EVER. I'm not saying that this man has to think differently (although wouldn't that be nice), but he has to separate his personal opinion from his medical opinion.

I hope that she lodges a complaint about him. I don't know if anything will ever change… but if people don't start demanding to be treated with respect, no matter what their medical issue, then it will never happen. Sad, very sad.

Other then that, I'm eating well - trying to drink lots of water and think happy thoughts. Its treat day at the office - I had a blueberry bran muffin. I should have had my oatmeal, but I didn't. However I was proud to note that none of the donuts even seemed slightly appealing to me today. Yay for small victories.

Tonight is my Astanga yoga class. I'm going to try and get there earlier so that I can get all settled in and be ready for it without having to step over people to find a space.


Nerd Girl said...

110 pounds for someone who is 5'6 is WAYYYY under weight. she shouldnt even technically get below 125 at the LEAST...this doctor is an idiot and if i were her i would post his name everywhere i could, including the news stations, so that the world can see how big of an IDIOT he is. Wow!

MeltingLisa said...

Wow I really hope she reports him! You are so right he is wanting the easy money from rich barbie types. Grrrrrrr I hope she goes for a consult somewhere else!

BTW Awesome for you on your run!!! So great that you are doing it .. so fantastic!

Crystal said...

I would have lost my cool with that guy. There would be no way I could keep it in. I hope she does report him. Completely unprofessional.

Mel said...

WOW! What an @ss! I really hope she says something about this guy.. obviously he's just in it for the money and not for actually HELPING patients...

Congrats on the running.. every time you write about it I start think that maybe I can do that.. I just give up so easily when it comes to pushing myself past a fast walk.. if not tomorrow then Monday I will re-committ to pushing myself at the gym.. right now I need to focus on pushing myself to the limit as a singer and kick ass at this Sundays concert!

oh.. and water intake has been easy peasy for me this week too.. chugging it like its nothing!

jo said...

What an ASS. Sorry, there's no other way to put it. I hope she files a complaint, too.

After I had my baby years ago, the OB handed me a slip of paper with a surgeon's name on it. He told me my breasts were grossly large and I needed to get them reduced. At that point I was a natural DD. I have never felt the same again--he scarred me for life.

Tamzin said...

I'm going to keep encouraging her. There is a "rate my MD" website somewhere - at the very least I'm going to try and convince her to put her experince up there.

I have to say - I would love to think I would have told him to eff off, but I know that it would have torn me apart! :(


Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

Glad you got more water in.

Hey tell me about yoga and how you like it. I just don't know if it's for me. I might try a home video before a class just to see. Thoughts?