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Monday, March 16, 2009

Water - Lesson Learned

Well...I' going to take today as another great day that I have learned from. Weigh In this morning... 273.8lbs.


Okay - stood on the scale and though, "what the hell". As I rolled my mind though yesterday... Lets see, fatty breakfast, fatty lunch, and water...ohhhh that's right. For all of yesterday I had 1.5L of water. FOR THE WHOLE DAY. I ran, yogaed and ate lots... and I had 1.5L.

No wonder my weight is up. How is this poor body supposed to get rid of anything if it has no water to process the waste. Another superior lesson to be learned.

I know that I am not 3lbs heavier - my pants fit great this morning, they weren't tight to button up, so I know that this is really just junk my body CAN'T get rid of because I've deprived it of the most important thing that I can give it. Water.

I'm going to see what happens tomorrow and use that for my weigh in post, and see if I can help myself out some today. Goal 3L+.


Nerd Girl said...

that is good that you recognize the problem and know how to fix it!! have a great day and drink that water :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nerd Girl, you recognised what had cause the weight gain and how to resolve it.

spunkysuzi said...

Yep, water does good things for us :)

Katie said...

so, the weigh-in didn't come as great as you'd hoped, but you know it's from the lack of water...and that's easy to remedy. You're moving more...which is harder to accomplish.
I can TOTALLY tell the difference in your ! Rock ON, Tamzin! Good job!:)

Katie said...

somehow...part of my post got lost.
I meant to say that I can totally tell the difference in your before and after tummy pictures!

jo said...

UGH...that reminds me I didn't get all my water in today.

Sometimes the body just does weird things and the scale doesn't adjust for that.

Here's to tomorrow.