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Monday, March 9, 2009

Weigh In Win

I know that I had a preemptive strike on the weigh in day at my new all time low (for blogging) at 269.8lbs. I am sad to report that this lasted only 2 days and was up from that this morning. HOWEVER, I don't care that I'm up from that day … today I'm down 2lbs from last Monday. WOOT

Weight - 271.8lbs
Inches - I promise that I will update inches tonight when I get home tonight.

I have my good lunch, I have my gym gear, I have my coffee, my water, and my breakfast all here. This is the start of a good week. I know it is, because I'm going to make it so!

I'm not ever Sooooo close to my first 10lbs lost! :) next week and I will have that goal met.


d.fine09 said...

I have had those days where the scale is at a new low and then jumps somehow. I try not to be disappointed but of how I long for that number again so I understand.

2 lbs is great! 10 total, how awesome!

Helen's Journey said...

Hooray for you :) 2lbs down, I knew you'd do it and you sound really positive about the week ahead. Keep it up you're doing great.

skinnyfitkate said...

Way to go! Seize this week and you'll reach that goal I know it!

Tena said...

So happy for you! It will be a good week!! I feel it and I can see it in your post!

Nerd Girl said...

nice job! you seem to be ready to take on this week with extra oomph! I feel the same way..here's to a great week of eating and exercising!!

Mel said...

Yes you CAN!!!

jo said...

Congrats on that 2!!!!

Katie said...

2 pounds GONE! Great work, Tamzin!
You can! You can! You can! :)

Dutch said...

Way to go. You are doing great. Keep up the good work.

Lorraine said...

Way to go on the weight loss last week. Just think how good it will be when you drop another 2lb+ this week x