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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

right...catching up Weigh In

I did weigh in on Monday however since I had been on 4 days of T3's and that does "bung" one up for *cough* four days.

Not that it was bad, on Monday I tipped the scale at 272.2 (same as last week). This morning I was 270.8lbs. So I'm going to go with today's total. I'll have to tally up the inches later - post dinner... that should be entertaining.

Eating is still difficult and I can feel all the stitches in my mouth moving around when I talk and eat... its totally GROSS! hahaha An eaters nightmare! LOL I can chew and its getting better. But I can't open my mouth very far.

Tonight I'm going out for sushi, however since I have this crater in my head I won't be partaking in the raw feesh, only the rolls and perhaps some Korean bbq things.

Generally I'm feeling pretty listless, total inactivity is like that. I walked to work today, slowly. But it was nice to get moving again. Hard to think that I used to walk a 5-7km track every night on the way home last year. I'm so NOT even close to that right now.

Frustratingly, the hubby is making leaps and bounds of exercise and weigh loss gains. I'm super proud of him and yet, also highly annoyed! ahh testosterone. Course, he has been a dedicated gym goer three days a week with his buddies and lets face it... I'm pretty much coasting with my runs and gym going. So I really can't be too upset since when you put in nothing you are going to get nothing out.

I'm just hoping for a little more regularity... no more sickness, no more surgery, no more snowfalls and blizzards. ...erm...no more excuses!

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jo said...

I'm sorry this minor thing has been pretty major. WIshing you a very speedy recovery!