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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Breaking Habits...one at a time....

Today I was GOING to go to the gym at lunch when I realized that I "didn't want to".... Starting up again is hard. Harder then I thought that it would be. I had everything that I needed at the office - I pay the money for the membership...I had my ipod, my undies, my runners.....but I also had enough excuses today that I didn't go.

Now, of course, I have remorse. Restarting that habit is going to be tough. I know that I love it, but then...why so reluctant? Tomorrow is my Beginners Yoga class. I'm going to go to that NO MATTER WHAT! I'm actually really looking forward to it. :)

I did walk home - since I felt some buyers remorse after my post-lunch snack.... then after dinner... BINGE time. Ug. I have NOTHING bad in the house - but that didn't stop me from going nuts. Its really still amazing how much food one can consume in such a short amount of time. I would say that I ate all that binge food in under 3min - including prep time. Then I came over here to purge...mentally that is. I was not wanting to blog today, but this... this I had to put down on paper for myself.

clementines x2
coffee x2
1c quiona
1.5c chicken curry
3/4c chocolate covered peanuts
1c jujubes*
*was not hungry and didn't even enjoy eating the last of them....didn't stop me though.
1 pork loin with 1/2T mint jelly
10 asparagus spears
5 new potatoes with xvoo and dill
Binge time:
8 new potatoes with xvoo and dill
4 slices turkey breast
2 triangles of laughing cow cheese
1 whole wheat pita
2T cashew nut better
1 banana

Bleck...I feel like crap now. My stomach feels really tight (although I suppose that is actually a good thing in terms of good and bad in relation to out of control eating). Also I realized that I had not had a single swallow of water since about 4.45pm.... its now 10.30 at night and I'm getting my first drink. Double Arg! I wasn't hungry!!!! I was THIRSTY.

THIRSTY DAMN ME..... if I had had a pint of water I would have been fine and I would have gone to bed without all this useless food in me. ARG!

Lesson begining to be learned....
1. Don't keep binge foods in the house.
2. potatoes...yep - they set me off. Best not have that again anytime soon.


d.fine09 said...

It;s good to be able to look back and see your triggers. Maybe a lot of food but not too much damage. They were healthy options. You could have done a lot worse.

Tamzin said...

Too Right! I'm glad that I didn't have anything in the house that I could have gone totally crazy on. :)