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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back in the groove!

My little holiday passed in an eye blink and here I am back in working land and hating life! Today was a nightmare and it made me wonder why the hell I even went away on holidays if this is what its going to be like on return! It really should be called a work deferral program and not a holiday. I had to do 3 hours of overtime to get ahead to go away and now I'm staring down the barrel of another 5hours to attempt to get caught up.

Anyhoooo. that's the glass half empty review. The great news is that I had a wonderful rest, got to sleep in, relax and enjoy myself totally. *wink wink nudge nudge* know what I mean! Regardless of my weight... one mans "side show" is another mans "Disneyland"! HAHA!

We actually ate pretty darn well. We made our own breakfasts, did some deli style shopping for rich savory foods and enjoyed them in smaller quantities. Had at least 2 home made meals a day and snacked pretty good.

Dim Sum - the "exotic" stuff like coriander & lime squid, mushrooms wraped in tofu, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce....NO dumplings! Okay... red bean buns for afters! I do love me red bean paste!

Stilton and peppered duck breast salad - home made with fresh greens, and some great cheese and duck from the fine cheese shop. It was lovely - avocado, duck, walnuts, Stilton and apple on greens with oil&vinegar dressing. LURVLEY

Oat pancakes with honey and strawberries - oatmeal, BP2, flax seeds, little bit o flour, eggs whites, almond milk mixed up and straight into the non stick pan. A bit of local honey on top with some fresh strawberries cut on the side. Beautiful.

ButterNutSquash mac&cheese - movie night and comfort food. We even made a special little pot of it with some Stilton in, and a salad of greens and tomato with a green mustard vinaigrette. Total indulgence without a million calories.

I had too many coffee&creams out, I had tim-bits and movie theater popcorn (I KNOW its sooo bad for you, but its sooo damn good), we had sticky buns and noodles too and even a couple of meals with a dessert after. But we split the treats/desserts and I enjoyed it more. I made more thoughtful choices and the hubby was really supportive of eating our own foods and not always requesting the "bad" foods. I bought a small baggies of little candy covered chocolate eggs (yay Easter!) and we split it. It actually struck me as strange since I hadn't bought a store chocolate like that in ...well.... months!

I didn't do great on water - I'm suffering for it now still. We tried, but its harder to think about it when you are not sitting next to a big glass of water all day. But, such is life.

So...now for the numbers. I didn't do my inches and .... I'm not going to (LAZY!....SCARED!!) but I did weight in this morning at 272.2lbs.

That's a .2lbs gain over my holiday. WOOHOOO!!!

I'm really pretty pleased. :) Anyway - tomorrow is a running night and I'll tell ya about my running course when I get in tomorrow.

now....to perv on all the people!!!


spunkysuzi said...

I'm impressed!!

jeimayprovy said...

wow sounds like you had lots of really yummy food and you didn't bust your diet by doing so. awesome job! i'm very impressed with the small weight gain, if i were to go away for a weekend i don't even want to know what would happen lol! keep up the great work!

Mel said...

Was wondering where you went to! Glad you had a great time and indluged a little! I just started a jogging program on monday.. I hope your run goes well!

Getting Healthy said...

I'm jealous, it sounds like it was a wonderful time! Sorry there was such a back up for your return. Still those get a ways are worth it. .2 is nothing, good going.

Tena said...

Welcome Back!! I don't think I've ever come back from holiday without gaining at least 5 lbs. You did great! You mixed it up and it worked.

Sorry you have to bust your hump back at work! No one ever does my work for me when I'm gone either. Pitiful people!

Stages of Change said...

That gain definetly seems like something to be pleased with. You ate well and enjoyed good food while on holiday, and that was all the "damage" you did? I'll take it!! :)

Hope you have a great day!!

Oh, and red bean buns are SO good!

Katie said...

It sounds like you had a great time, Tamzin! I go nuts without the occasional escape (even if it's inside my own head! lol).
I'm very impressed with the meal choices and the weight gain is pretty small from a holiday. Way to go girl!!!

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I'm so glad to hear from you. And congrats on making many good food choices while you were on vacation. Also glad to hear you didn't deprive yourself of anything you wanted.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back from a great holiday. I'm well impressed. The food descriptions sound very delish

Manuela said...

Just stopping to say hello to some of my favourite bloggers!