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Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Night Lights!

Tonight was running night and it was cooler and a little windy - but I was layered up properly and it ended up being really lovely out, ever...got a little sweaty!

Our distance was 3km. We jogged our intervals and ended up running 2km and walking 1km of it. Very awesome. I felt strong and enjoyed the running a lot. Which is exactly where I wanted to be. It feels good to get out and move my legs like that (and yes...jiggle the butt). The group of runners we are with are very interesting and fun. Its a great evening in all honesty. Next run is on Sunday.

Food today was poor. Water...diabolical. I'm very dehydrated and struggling to get more water in me. Strange how that works, the less I have the less I drink. Must correct that this weekend.

Power crunch protein bar
coffee with creamer
coffee with cream
cranberry bran muffin
Indian food buffet ...okay... let me just stop right there. *glances at pictures to the right* THAT is not the body of a person that should go to any place that serves ALL YOU CAN EAT. Because I don't see that as an "option" I consider that a person challenge.

All in all I did okay in terms of what I should be doing. However, in terms of what I used to consider "normal" for this place is about 2x more then what I had today, I would have typically gone for 2 or 3 plates! Ug, embarrassing. I admit that there was a lot of desire to eat more, more butter chicken, more nana bread, more more more.... But I had my one plate (albeit heaping) and that was that. So that is good/much better. I was pretty full after and I really didn't need to eat that much, however I'm going to give myself a 7.5/10 for effort for this luncheon.

-cucumber tomato salad (no dressing)
- rice
- chickpea veggies balls
- curry potatoes
- lentils and sweet potatoes
- chicken masala
- lamb curry
- butter chicken
- 2 med nana
- sweet rice pudding & sweet ball (oops! that was bad, but very small)
1 pita bread
1T BP2
Power crunch protein bar (then out the door to the run)
3 oat/egg pancakes (whole oats, flour, egg whites, skim milk, flax seeds,frozen raspberries. mixed up in various quantities until they are the consistency of batter...oaty chunky batter.)
2T honey

...went to take a pic...camera is dead. Poop. They were damn tasty and all this text is bloody boring!


Katie said...

How does one find a running club like you did? I've never heard of one. It sounds really cool...and with others who are my size-condition, etc. I think I could do this.....
The Indian buffet sounds yummy! I've a yen for Falafel now!mmmmmmm!

Keep up the running....soon, no more jiggly butt! :)

Anonymous said...

Before I started this diet I ate alot of salty food, so I was always thirsty and drank loads of water. Now I keep my salt levels low, I'm never that thirsty and don't drink that much water. Mind you I never liked water much and prefer to drink it in juices or teas.

Mel said...

i'm jealous about 2 things...

1. the indian buffet.. I have been craving indian food for awhile. I even made my own veggie curry .. but its just 'ok'.

2. You are running... I keep wimping out on it.. I keep blaming it on my short legs.. they just don't move fast! Do you really enjoy running? How do you get yourself motivated to do it?

Tamzin said...

:) "running" really it is slower then when I walk fast - but its hte act of mkoving in a jog that is the start.

we are doing 1 min run 2min walk intervals. Its good. If you are going to hard to talk while hjogging then you should slow down. thats what they tell us. :) Its nice to get out and do that. 1 min... you can do it!

I'll post about it soon, I promise!