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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

and the show must go on....

I really didn't feel like blogging last night, or today. I was in the mood for a great big pity party... but... in actual fact the only person who I am punishing if I unplug from this is me. Blogging is a really important tool for me and this weight loss jazz!

anyway..... The show must go on. Its good to read, see what everyone else is doing, post and struggle onward.

I also wanted to thank all who commented yesterday. I read those at the office and they really give a fresh set of eyes to my situation. I appreciate those a lot.

I have done a fair amount of bad things & good things, however, today's post is going to focus on ALL THE GOOD! Hows that for a change!

  • walked to work
  • drank lots of water
  • walked home
  • went running 7sets of 2min running 1min walking for about 2.5km
  • bought healthy food (big box of cutie clementines! omg yum).
  • went to bed early
  • had a good sleep
  • packed a lunch
  • felt more alert then usual
  • enjoyed my day at the office
  • went running after work - 5sets of 3min running and 1min walking! 2.5km
  • walked home after running - another 2km
  • realized that I wasn't actually hungry so had some fruit for dinner and a bowl of plain yogurt with honey&walnuts. I'm feeling peckish right now. Might get a small snack.
  • caught up with a friend who was on msn that I havn't talked to in ages. He is in a tough place and he felt better after using me for a sounding board and I feel great after getting to be useful.
I start my yoga class this Sunday after my run in the morning. I can't even tell you how excited I am about getting to give that a try.

Good Night All. I'm about to set out to perv upon your posts before bed time!!


MizFit said...

love that you focused on the all good and, look at that! :), its a longlistofstuff as well.

have a great thursday,


2L3Bs World said...

keep it up my friend, you'll gonna make it.. i'm taking apple cider before my meal and it guess it's working too..

Juice said...

I found you through Spunky Suzi. I love celebrating and focusing on the positive! Keep up the great work. :)

Brandi said...

Positivity is a great way to go. Keep focusing on all the good like Mizfit said and everything will balance itself out.

Good luck today. You can do this!!

Katie said...

I love (and need) your positive attitude. You are brutally honest about your journey....and I think that's a battle most of us face about ourselves.
I'm thrilled to discover what you think of Yoga. I love it! It's relaxing, but kicks your butt at the same time. oy!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I luuuuvvv me some clemitines!

Mel said...

Love the positive post!!

Tena said...

Look at all that good stuff! I love reading your blog so don't dare quit. You make me laugh when I least expect it!

Let's keep working at it!