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Saturday, February 7, 2009


So far today:

  • Slept in til 10.30
  • Went to the office for 4 hours
  • Went for a leisurely walk with friends for 40min (about 2-3km)
  • Home finally made lunch/dinner
  • Perved through blogs

Today my abs are a tiny little bit sore, from my run I think. Which is actually nice, because I wasn't sure I actually had any! HA!

I didn't eat well this morning, however I did up my water lots and I'm feeling good about that. Post walk I had some more "food-lust" thoughts that I really struggled with. The combo of being both hungry and in my car (aka food chariot) is a bad one. All the fast food joints that I could visit or "swing by while driving. Today I focused on thinking about what was IN the Fridge at home. Decided on foods there that would make me happy (and still be better for me), and drove the rest of the way home thinking about this:

Green salad w/ apple & oil&vinegar dressing
5oz mozzarella cheese
6oz turkey breast
6 lite rye crackers
1T becel
1c greek yogurt w/2T honey & 7 almonds

This made me grin big sitting here. Look at that!! Good foods, good for me (too much perhaps) but the alternatives that I negated with this food were - Wendy's, McDonalds, Fatty fast, greasy beige ugly foods that I would have paid $12.00 for easily.

HURRAY for greens and fibre.

Now... its shower time, I'm out to visit with some friends and get a late dinner at a Vietnamese place. Noodle soup for me tonight. Happy Saturday!


Tena said...

That lunch sounds great! Ok. Here I am in the dark about something on your menu. What is becel?

After I found out Stilton is blue cheese I had to have me some. Put it in a salad. It wuz gooooood.

Glad you have some abs!

Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

You made a great choice to come home and eat. Way to go! Hope your dinner out is yummy and fun.

Mel said...

LOL @ the 'Food Chariot'

sounds like an overall successful day!!