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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Treat day....or is it?

Today is Wednesday aka at my office as "treat day". However, there has been no treat sightings yet... occasionally this means that someone lazy has forgotten is is bringing it later, but it is getting close to lunch and Nada. I'm thinking that today I'm going to escape my typically hellish afternoon.

Our office has been soliciting ideas from people on how to cut costs given the current economic conditions, I am thinking that I will suggest cutting out the treat day (as you can spend up to $120 and put it on your expenses to the company) so that would save them $480 a month, 5,760 a year as well as being healthy conscious so that people do not have cake and donuts to stuff themselves with every week. No joke, I put on a solid 20lbs once I started working here.

I don't partake in the treats as often or with as much vigor as I used to, although occasionally I still do have one. But eliminating the temptation would be nice.

Today has been bad for water and food. I was out of bed late, got to work late, and didn't fill up my bottle when I got in. Bad Habit. If there is no water, I just don't drink it. I've also taken to putting a 500ml bottle of water on the bathroom counter at night and my goal is to drink that all every morning while getting ready to go. So far its been (surprisingly) easy. Access is everything I suppose.

Okay, no home brought lunch today... so I'm going to get some food court sushi... wish me luck!

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