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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Running!

8am rolled around pretty darn early for me, given my usual standard of sleeping on weekends. I know that I am going to be shattered tonight early since I didn't sleep well or for very long last night. BUT... I still got up and went to my run. YAY!

It was cool but the sky was blue already. My "group" was waiting for me when I arrived (bad me, I won't be late again I hate keeping people waiting) and we set out. 10 sets of 1min jogging and 2 minutes walking. With 2min of walking to start and finishing with about 10min of walking to our starting point. It was once again, quite enjoyable.

Katie, I'm not too sure where all these places are - but I run (and they have walking clinics too) through a store called The Running Room. They have a great website and are all over Canada and the US. The program is a Learn2Run - giving us the slow start, basics of care for your body, equipment and of course, a person to run you who keeps time and motivates everyone to keep going. I know that there are other similar things through other running stores, you should have a look in your area!

Our "instructor" is a 40year old lady who has been recovering from a massive car wreck in which she significant brain injury. She was telling us today about it on her run - it was inspirational to say the least. She had a 4 year old and 1 year old twins when she was hit on the hwy (without then in the car thank goodness) and was in a coma for 2 weeks. She then had to say in hospital for close to a year. She has weakness on her left side and had trouble with processing speech and speaking quickly, but is back in school and is totally mentally aware, not mentally slow, but slower speech.

Here is the kicker.... She is running her first half marathon in 3 weeks.

Wow. ummmmm My complains about being fat and not being able to run are pretty darn weak compared with recovering from something like that. She is a darling, very supportive and really keen to help everyone start on their running journey. She talked about how it helped her get motivated, move better. I really don't have any excuse that can stand up next to that.

The philosophy of their running is this. If you can not hold a conversation (slightly breathy) then you are running TOO HARD and you need to SLOW DOWN! I like that a lot. We also never leave anyone behind, if you are in front when the min run is done you walk back to the last person (although most of us never get that far ahead). The instructor runs with the slowest person so you are never alone running behind. Its a very supportive atmosphere that is conducive to enjoyment and the focus is on personal achievement instead of racing or trying to beat a time or other such nonsense.

Also, I can't believe how great I feel today, physically good, but also calm and really happy.

I bought groceries after the run and have the laundry half started/finished. I heaved all the food in the fridge when I got home (see picture). I'm going to be cooking and sorting into containers later into my little ziplocks and baggies, I'll post a post-organization fridge piccie too (for all you Fridge-P0rn loving perverts out there!)

1. Run. DONE - 3km
2. Groceries - DONE
3. Return movies - DONE (I even walked although I got another coffee!)
4. Clean kitchen
5. Laundry
6. Cooking and organizing food for lunches
7. Reading & Relaxing

Tena - becel is a marg here in Canada, not too sure if you can get it in the US. This is really quite nice actually. The link is to the one that I use (I have the lite one too) - it has extra virgin olive oil in it! Yum!


Katie said...

Thank you!!!!!!! for the Running Room info. I'm going to look it up right away. It sounds like something I might be able to do...I'd love to run. Your post is what I needed to read...feeling sick and discouraged today.
Thank you for sharing your journey! :)

Tena said...

Thanks for the fridge-porn fix today. ;)

And thanks for the Becel link. I think I've seen it at Whole Foods. That website has some really good recipes on it, too.

Have a goog week. Won't be long and you won't have jiggle-butt anymore! hardy-har-har!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday. I love the fridge pic. I like seeing what groceries other people buy. I'm nosey like that, or does curious sound better than nosey.

Dutch said...

Hello. I am new to your journal. I am also trying to lose weight. I would love to get to 150 lbs. I know it will probably take me a good year and a half. Thanks for the Running Room information. I am going to check it out now. Have a great week.

MizFit said...

I too love the fridgeporn....not sure what that says about me.

not sure if Id wanna share mine! (hmmm....)

Brandi said...

Congrats on your running! Such a HUGE accomplishment :)

Keep up the sweaty work!!