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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sick day

Another day at home sick. I have turned myself into a tea processing plant. I have had more hot water with lemon and honey then one person ever should. I'm still sick as a dog though.

I've managed to negotiate a few food landmines today - I went out earlier to get some cold meds, vitamins and a few other things at the place where I would normally get my "bad foods". I did cruise the isles looking, but I managed to get myself out of there before I talked myself into getting anything terrible.

I've been sleeping and listless most of the day, I've had about three kettles worth of water in various teas and I've used more TP then I care to admit.

large orange
spicy chili (trying to burn it out)
1/2 sleeve of crackers
1T becel
1 can baked beans
1 poached egg
1/2 sleeve of crackers

*cough* 'scuse me...must run to the loo again


Manuela said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Crystal said...

Feel better. The flu is going around my office. I hope I don't get it.

Katie said...

I hope you feel better quite quickly! Being sick is NO fun.
(raising a vitamin C toast to you!)

spunkysuzi said...

"hugs" get better soon!!

Nerd Girl said...

Lots of tea! Everyone i know is getting sick right now too..hang in there and keep on drinking your tea!!

Tena said...

Hope your're feeling better soon! Good move for skipping the bad foods while shopping!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're not well, get well soon. Good on yer for avoiding bad eats. I'm sending you happy thoughts.

HopeFool said...

Sorry you're feeling so low.

d.fine09 said...

We have had a big around our house too. No fun! Feel better soon!