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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Positively delightful

I had a great day today, amazing how positivity is really catching!

I ate bad things too (chocolate covered peanuts post-lunch, a blueberry bran muffin this morning, and a hot chocolate before I left for the day), but for the most part today I had stellar foods. My gawd, I had an audience while putting my lunch together in the kitchen at work today. I sliced up the tomato, avocado and the cheese between the 2 pitas - which I rip in half so there are 4 pockets, they were JAMMED full, YUMMY and totally filling. I was stuffed for the rest of the day.

1 pot yogurt
1 clemintine
coffee & creamers x3
blueberry bran muffin
2 clementines
2c mixed greens
1c sprouts
2 whole wheat pitas
2 triangles of laughing cow cheese
1 whole tomato
1 whole avocado
dollar bag of choc covered peanuts (1/2c I wold guess)
Hot chocolate & coffee
power crunch protein bar
2c BNS soup
2 ww pita
1T becel
2 dill pickles
1 clementine

I also ate about 5 clementines today! I love those little buggers!

I walked home 2.5km today, it was chilly and I was working hard to stay warm. I haven't been drinking enough water today, so tomorrow with running in the evening.. I have to get all my water in me.

Bed time for Tamzin!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Great walk today!

d.fine09 said...

Found you through Suzi. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive. I have those days where someone needs to kick my in the behind to remember that.

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Your lunch sounds great. I love avacodos! Great job with the walk today.