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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Menagerie

Good/Bad today...more bad then good...or..maybe not. I can't really decide, I'm going to say that the scale will tell me tomorrow.

8.15am - Bfast:
coffee with cream
blueberry bran muffin
8.30am - Snack1:
4 pieces chocolate
9.00am ~~Dental Appointment~~ oh the irony of eat scarfing valentines chocolates before dental visit
1.00pm - Lunch:
2 pita, 2 laughing cow cheese, 2c mixed greens, 6oz turkey breast, 2T mustard
20 green grapes
3.00pm - Snack2:
10more chocolates
coffee with cream
5.00pm - Walked home 1.2km
5.45pm - Dinner 1:
1c whole flake oats, 1T flax seeds, 1T BP2, 1/2c skim milk, 1c water, 2T honey
6.45pm - Running class - 6x running of 2min running and 2min walking. We went really fast today, a little too fast, but I managed.
8.30pm - Dinner2:
FAST FOOD ALERT - Wendy's 1 taco salad (only 1T dressing), 1 sour cream & chives baked potato, med chocolate frosty

oops! well...that was poor planning for sure, plus I forgot that the company get everyone their own little box o' chocolates for v-day.

I'm flying home tomorrow morning for a quick visit with the fam damily. Back Sunday. Have a good weekend all.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...
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spunkysuzi said...

Have a safe visit :)

Getting Healthy said...

Hope your visit is a fun one. And the weekend is a fine one.