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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


2 weeks ago I was begging to be sick to get some time off from work... now I'm wishing that I was better because even work is quite frankly WAY better then this.

My poor nose is raw, I've been through three boxes of Kleenex and I just coughed up something....something horrible!

The good news is that I can feel the sickness breaking and with any luck I'll be back to work tomorrow, if not, I'll be down at the clinic asking for horse tranquilizers and a note to give to my boss.

Winter has struck again here, its snowy and very cold. I'm just not feeling up to cleaning off the car and heading out to a movie or the grocery store for more soup. All the food is the fridge is unappealing - greens and cheese...not the hot & spicy foods nor the cold, smooth & soothing foods that I am craving.

I lay in bed this morning thinking of all the things that I could eat... sickness doesn't stop that monster. However, in truth the mind is wandering but I'm really not feeling up to eating much of the usual foods that I would want to binge on and I lack the energy to go and get them.

I'm almost out of tissues, so I'm going to have to head out in the cold all bundled up to the local shop around the corner for more supplies. Who knew that that 2 boxes that I bought yesterday wouldn't be enough to get me through this.

Breakfast was oatmeal, BP2, raspberries, ground flax seeds, honey and walnuts heated up in the microwave. It was good but I've got some "food crazy" feelings today that are going to make this excursion to the store a little dangerous.

So I'm trapped in this sick body, in winter again, in my little condo with no tv and not able to get out to get anything that I want.... like a spicy soup from the Vietnamese restaurant. DAMN IT!

I foresee a lot of tea and naps in my day today!


Big Girl said...

Hope you feel better soon. Any chance you can get food delivered?

Tamzin said...

I caved and ordered in. Now, if only I could have got him to stop in and get me some kleenex too!


Mel said...

awww.. feel better soon!!!

BigBootyJudy said...

Sorry you're sick! I always have the same problem - I wish I could be too sick to work and then realize that being sick actually royally sucks. Hope you feel better tomorrow!