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Monday, February 16, 2009

WI day and a daily goal

Well... I wish that I had seen Tena's comment on my last post before I stepped on the scale this morning. +1lb. However I did not manage my morning constitutional before weight in, so that had to count for at least some of that! HA! ....two poop posts in a row, how delightful!

I have a headache, my mouth was dry as the sahara this morning and my muscles are sore and tight....hello I'm dehydrated. So....there for we have a daily goal, something that I have not done in a while....

Today's goal: pee at the office 6 times (or more). I'm through 500ml of water so far and I have plans to get through 3L today at the office. I'm going to be using up my share of tp thats for sure.

I will have another weigh-in tomorrow morning and see if I can mitigate some of the damage done over the "weekend of cheese".

PP Update::
2 down, 4 to go!
4 down and 2 to go!!
I kinda thought that 6 would be easy in a workday... I need to get busy drinking water! 1.5L done so far. I don't think that I'll be getting 3L done in the next hour...but I can do another 500 at least!
5 down 1 more to go ... and 1.9L has been consumed! I will imagine that I will need one last trip tot eh bathroom before I get home. Hurray... this is like the first goal that I've set for myself that I've been able to accomplish! LOL!

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Mel said...

good goin' with the water! I was lucky if I managed 4 cups in yesterday.. just was not motivated to stay 'on task'... I'm working on water again this week.. and thanks for the comment on my rollercoaster ride.. I know I will be able to get through it.. : )