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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jiggly Butt

Last Friday was my first "real" run outside and it was pretty darn good actually. I did feel a little like the class clown, I have to remind myself not to be too loud in our group sessions pre-run. lol I got the evils from the instructor! oops!

We ran 1min segments and walked for 2minutes between 7 times and covered 3km. I'm not panting, sweating or heaving by any stretch, this is a very gentle slow moving course that builds gradually, but its still great for the mind and the body. I really wanted to start off slow and enjoy myself! Which I am.

Tonight's run was a "training" run and our little band of runners met up and did our 7 sets of "1 and 2's" with some walking for warm up and cool down at either end. I have to say, it was perhaps the most pleasant way to end a day of work. Plus its nicer to be in a group of slow moving "runner" so that you don't stand out all alone with people zipping by you. Ah, safety in numbers. :) Plus I hid in the middle so that no one running up on us can see my jiggly butt!

Food today was 50/50.

1c almond milk
1med coffee with cream
1 protein powder, flax seed and 1/2c whole oats

Lunch (early at 11.40am):
starter green salad (lovely mix) with 1T blue cheese dressing
1 burger with fries
1 protein bar (post run)
large bowl mixed greens
1/2 green apple
3oz Stilton
2T red onion
6oz turkey breast
6 Raincoast Crisps (cranberry & pecan)
unsure....we'll see if I need anything tonight or not.

I have to say that pre-lunch I was hungry - but I didn't even feel like nibbling on anything this afternoon after my big lunch. Not even before my run. YAY!

Water - still not great 1.5L so far and I need to get another at least 1L in me before bed.

Today was also TREAT DAY at the office. I wasn't even remotely tempted... that was a total non-scale victory for me. I didn't go in and ogle the donuts, sniff them, take one and throw it out. In fact, I got the "treats are here" email and promptly forgot all about it.

Not a bad mid-week day. Tomorrow...packed lunch and MORE WATER.


Tena said...

Geez! I'm impressed about the running! I don't think I could be a runner. I have this image of myself looking like some flailing goat all stiff leg-ed with mouth open gasping for air. lol

And that cracker is way too sexy! I'm gonna have to look for those. BTW, what the crap-ola is Stilton. Have I been living under a rock?

Tamzin said...

Stilton is BLUE CHEESE BABY!!!! yummy stinky cheese!!!!!!

Put cheese here -->(my mouth)

Your goat image reminds me of the "fainting goats" look it up on youtube for a really good chuckle!


Getting Healthy said...

Had to look up fainting goats. It was a good chuckle. I agree, impressed with running! These legs could sprint but never run worth crap. I'll do just about anything else. Though I know how good it is for you.

Katie said...

Way to GO on the running!!!! Those crackers caught my attention,too. Yum! (as she drools while eating her omlette)....I'm such a carb addict.

I'm still trying to figure out hide the *jiggly butt* just in walking! lol

Stages of Change said...

Success on treat day? WOOHOO!

Losing Waist! said...

My inlaws have skipped their taxes for some time now and no one seems to care! That plate of food looks FANTASTIC! I can't even believe how much it motivated me to make my next meal look so healthy and brilliant!