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Friday, January 8, 2010

Trifecta of Eating-Evil Defeated

1. Angry
2. Frustrated
3. In a vehicle all alone

I just got back from an "interview", which ended up being some sort of weird testing facility where I had to do spacial, number pattern and algebra/math questions. No calculators allowed (but that is beside the point - but seriously...no calculator?? wtf).

I was contacted for an interview for a job -they have called me a couple times for different jobs - I do administrative work (you know...paper pushing etc) and was mislead into thinking that I would be actually MEETING someone for an INTERVIEW to discuss the skills that I do have... not to test me for an hour on the skills that I don't have... If I was good at math I would be a f*cking administrator.

I was in my suit, hair done, make up on, all ready for an interview.... nadda. Not to mention that I wasted nearly an hour yesterday doing their testing online at home and now had the privilege to DRIVE over to the testing building and NOT MEET A SINGLE PERSON TO TALK ABOUT THE JOB. Seriously... I am/was/still am VERY VERY PISSED.

And so... there I was....in a car (aka: food charriot) and mad and frustrated for wasting time that I could have been doing something productive with.....as in...I did not get my run in this morning because I had a 9am interview that went until 11am so I didn't have time to get to the gym before this stupid interview and now I see I should have just effed this one right in the a and gone running instead.... and that is when the mental destruction began to take hold.....

**evil little voice in head** I should go and get a coffee (read here +500 calorie bomb eggnog latte)... and maybe a little treat... you know... you deserve it, you've had a rough day - you are already out in the car - you can hit the drive-through - you won't even have to get out - your feet hurt - you are mad - you know what would be nice... and hot coffee treat from Starbucks - you have cash - do it.... DO IT... DOOOO EEEETTTTTT

I almost had to slap myself... I told myself that I would NOT be going to Starbucks and I would be going home to get changed, relax and if I still wanted a coffee later I could go and get one.

So... Eff you trifecta of fat. I fart in your general direction. I'm at home making a coffee for 42 calories and is just as nice a treat to the mind. And I might have a banana.

**I'm sorry for the amount of profanity these last few days!


Lila Leeds said...

And I thought I was the only one who heard those damn voices!

Oh, & feel free to cuss!

Katie said...

It's nice when others hear the same voices I do...and I'm glad you beat it! :)