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Monday, January 25, 2010

quick update

Exercise... still not getting any! But I'm busier then a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!

This morning I was up, to the office with ALL MY LUNCH AND SNACKS PACKED! it was great - yummy salad, delish home cooked pesto and pasta with ground turkey meatballs. All in all, today was a great eating day.

My feet and calves are still swollen and sore, this 8 hours at a desk is going to take some getting used to again. Tonight is going to be feet up with a book once dinner is done.... Husband is currently cooking a shrimp stir fry! I can't wait.

Financing on a car is going rough... I was back at the dealership after work tonight, so our gym plans were cancelled. Such is life.... its hard switching countries - my credit doesn't follow, I have a bunch more things to have to do... fingers crossed or I'm going to be car less (again) very soon!

Checked out the office gym. Small, very basic stuff, but totally usable. The treadmills are... dodgy, they look like they might not stand up to the pounding that I may give them... however, the showers are AMAZING... so now I can run at the park - then shower at the office. There are a couple elliptical machines, and some weights as well. $10 a paycheck...not a bad deal I think. There is even a sauna...now... this is Houston, who would purposely expose themselves to an EVEN MORE steamy room has my respect! haha! oh...maybe its one of those dry ones... will have to investigate further.
Funny Cat pic... just to make this post more interesting! You're welcome!! haha

Right. I'm picking up steam again and going to be getting on track with running. I'm trying to not get too discouraged, but learning to persevere is all part of life.

Okay - dinner is almost ready - I am hungry enough to eat the bum of a skunk right now! Then bed, rest, feet up, good book. Hope everyone else is taking care of themselves. I shall perv upon you all later!


Heather said...

Tehe! "bum of a skunk" I'll have to use that one. Great job on taking lunch to work, it makes a ton of difference for me (financially and physically:)

Natalia said...

The gym at your work sounds good! That's so great that it's there for you, or at least the showers are if you don't want to use the gym equipment! :)

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

LOL, I'm going to have to use that some time...bum of a skunk *snort*

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm going to have to read up on yours and fill myself in on where you are from originally, etc. I am sorry you moved from wherever you lived previously to Houston. I know what you mean about the humidity there :P Personally, I can't see why anyone would willingly get into a sauna in the first place, but then, I have a very strong aversion to heat!

As for the problems you are having with your feet swelling. Maybe you can talk to a doctor about a diuretic to help a bit? Make sure you are getting up every so often..maybe once an hour and walk as well. When you are sitting, make sure you have something to put your feet up. They don't have to be stretched out in front of you, just enough so that you don't have your seat PRESSING against the underside of your thighs at the knee. Something like this works perfectly http://www.effective-ergonomics.com.au/footstools.htm

Ok sorry I wrote a novel...I'm just full of information today ;)