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Friday, January 15, 2010


Today is D Day!!! Decision melt down coming......

Today I will finally complete the goal that I set for myself to run three days a week for 4 weeks (today's run will be this afternoon with happy-happy-joy-joy celebration post to come!). I will admit that there were times and days when I really didn't want to go... but I did. And near the end, there were times where it was really really enjoyable.

I'm now struggling with how to set and organize my next challenge... scary stuff for me to be honest.

Obligatory whining: I've not heard back from my new job about a start date - or a start time in the mornings... I'm stuck as to what to do about that. Mornings... not great about getting up and I've been using the gym more and more instead of running outside. I need to stop that. Last night I did put some elevation on the machine to simulate outdoors... but its not really the same as making yourself move on the trail. ...back on track here...

What goals to set....so many choices.....

Monday/Tuesday - Step Class? Running?
Wednesday - yoga at home? Running?
Thursday - Running? Yoga?
Friday - Weights?
Saturday - Step class?

Exercise on weekends has been really inconstant so I don't want to force something on the weekend. Weekdays are more regular and easier to control... does anyone else like weekdays because of that too?? I just find that I can really control myself better when there is a timeline... Saturday rolls around and its bed until 10 and then... late coffee and not really motivated to get my butt anywhere....

I also know from my first goal post that IF I set too much and make this too hard... I will give up and not complete it at all. I have a very long history of doing just that (which has been documented over the last year + in this blog)...NOT that I'm proud of being a quitter... in fact its quite hard to deal with, which is why I give up... bad cycle really. *sigh*

Need to get making some lists and decide... what am I going to do here.....


Lisa "One Mom's Weight Loss" said...

I think that is wise to set up a reasonable goal that you can stick too. There is nothing worse than raising the bar too high and then not being able to make it.

Good luck on all your decisions

Katie said...

YAY!!!!!! You've kicked butt on your challenge and I know you'll come up with something good for your next goals.
You really are inspiring me to be more pro-active. Thanks, Tamzin! :)