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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day off

Today is an exercise off day, but I certainly was busy.

I have two interviews tomorrow to prep for, and I had a call this morning from an agency regarding a position that they would like to put me forward for, so I ended up going in and interviewing for that this afternoon (shower, blow dry hair, do make up, but on suit & heels and make sure there is no lipstick on teeth!).... Here's hoping!

Also had over 2 hours of computer skills testing , math testing, ethics test and a personality test (for one of the interviews tomorrow) for today's interview and one of the ones for tomorrow.

Interesting to note: In the personality test it had a bunch of questions about what kind of person you are - do you like to work sitting in one place, do you need frequent breaks, do you mini interruptions... and in all these questions this one came up and gave me pause.... Have you ever wished for a different body, or disliked your appearance.... WTF??

*shakes head* oh well.. I had to answer yes to that one. It was a large test of just over 90 questions - but I did find it interesting that this was one of the things that it wanted to know/rate you on.

Happily, the interviews on Friday are both in buildings that are about 3 blocks from my gym!! So I will have the hit the gym for my run once my interviews are over! That will be a great way to get rid of that excess of nervous energy off that I will build up. No excuses tomorrow! It will be done. And inside...cause its bloody cold out there for Houston!

Food has been great today, but I've been sitting here reading blogs and getting fidgety about...you guessed it... food. So it was posting time and now its busy time... up and at it now!

I just had some more water, and I'm going to finish my liter. I think that I'm bored. I don't feel actual hunger....so I'm off to do some chores and see if I can distract myself away from extra calories!! Dinner out tonight, so I have to be good and not eat too much now so that I over eat later.

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