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Friday, January 1, 2010

Swass Chaff

Today was a running day, but due to Wednesdays sweaty ass chaff (Swass Chaff), from running inside on the treadmill, I decided to let my neither regions have a day in Lieu to recover.

Tomorrow morning I will do my Jan 1 run. :)

These last 2 days have been hectic. I don't feel like I've had much in the way of me time, or relaxation. We had some friends drop in unexpected for two days and we ended up giving them the full Houston tour for both yesterday and today.

Thursday we were out of the house from 12.30 until 2am with a very brief stop in to change cloths for our new years even party at around 10pm. We took them out to one of the major outlet mall places... damn I wish that I had worn my pedometer....since we were there for nearly three hours walking. My legs were dying!

Today we were up and gone at 11 this morning and finally back home tonight at 5.00pm. Phew!

The bad news is that having people to show around and being out all day means two things:

1. I did NOT drink enough water... not even close
2. we ate out WAY too much.

I am back to tracking my calories and yesterday was a crap shoot. I didn't do too badly, but I was some 600 calories over my daily allowance, not great. However, I did eat only when I was actually hungry and .....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... left food on my plate when I was full!!!!!!!!!! Major Non Scale Victory there.

Anyway, I'm taking some time to myself right now. I'm boycotting the family dinner tonight since it is fatty, creamy, calorie laden with butter and smells horrible to me right now (crab au gratin and beef stroganoff) *barf*.

YAY BODY for knowing that what I want and need is water and a quiet place to read and relax.... me thinks its time for a hot bath.


tena said...

Happy New Year, Tammy! Yay, for the NSV. Those are the best we can do sometimes during the holidays. And you got in a lot of walking, so that's really two stars for you!

Have a good soak and a nice glass of water ;)

ps: my word verification was: redness - LOL

Deb said...

swass chaff. teehee.

Katie said...

Take care of those nether regions! lol That chaff is NO FUN!
Yay on all the walking! Always have a water bottle on hand with you...always! That helps me get my water in. I wear a day pack instead of a purse and one fits easily inside. You can fill up at a water fountain if you run out, too. I find myself drinking more that way....especially while driving, too. I probably look like a baby needing my bottle, but at least I'm getting the water in! lol

Becca55 said...

Happy new year to you dear! Do take care of your nether regions it is good to give them some air and some good ointment or cream. Seems like you have just been a busy bee 3 hours of walking around would make my legs feel like they were going to fall off. I would boycot dinner too that just sounds Horrid...

Lila Leeds said...

I really hate the ol chub rub. Thanks for not taking photos & sharing!;)
Happy New Year & hoping that we are both BIG losers in 2010.