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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Slow and steady?

Wow... last nights pub outing was a tough one... the first place we went to there was 4 applies of queso and chips ordered and at least three different people tried to get me to eat. I had my "we just ate before we came out so I'm stuffed, but thank you" all practiced up before I got there. :)

So I drank club soda with a twist of lime and I .... ATE NOTHING! *Yay Me*

Then we went to another more local smaller wateringhole and there was a staff birthday going on - and half the place was just a mass of food - key lime pie, cakes, cheese etc etc etc. Of course, we are sitting at the table right next to the food. I never knew that I could be so tempted, there was a part of me that really wanted to go over there and stuff my face. I didn't. Had another club soda and lime and finally got the hubby out of there at 12.45 at night. I'm a tired puppy today.

Got on the scale - which I've not been peeking at this week... and lost .8 lbs. I'm really trying to be more excited, but I'm not. Arg....why so hard to please??? I see this over and over in my blog and when reading other peoples.... if I was +.8lbs up I would be totally devastated, but losing close to 1lbs is not really making me happy.

Why is it so hard to please myself...remember self... that in the last 4 months you have gained an average of 1lbs a week for your +16.8lb gain since getting to Houston. So this is really like a 2lbs change in a better direction. There... that is MUCH better!

Just reviewed my food diary as well. I was close to all my calorie restrictions - some days over, some day s under... however since Thursdays disaster meal to last night I've not been eating "good" foods, cooked at home from lean meets and veggies. Its been all eating out and fatty foods. So - there I go.

I did lose 1lb this week - which is what my calorie restriction is set to (-500calories a day from optimum for a caloric deficit of 3,500calories - or 1lb). But the last three days are all fat and sugar. So this is very doable, and with better eating style (see first week) I can easily get my body losing more.

Reason and logic taking hold...Okay...feeling much better! Slow and steady wins the race!


tena said...

Hey, a loss is a loss! It's going the right direction, at least. Plus, it may be the sneaky sodium that's keeping the real loss from showing. I've found that when I eat out or am not watching my salt intake, no loss shows on the scale.

Just keep doing what your doing and watch the salt :)

Deb said...

Way to talk yourself down off the ledge!

Any step in the right direction is a good step!

Lisa "One Mom's Weight Loss" said...

It's a loss. I understand your frustration though. I am very impatient with myself...

I just wanted to you let you know that I used to weigh 290...so if my fatty food loving self can do it...you can to. Good luck :)

Sweety On A Diet said...

You did really well!

Katie said...

YAY on your weight loss!
Don't try too hard to guage your feelings when you weigh in....loss or gain. I think we can sometimes put too much pressure on ourself and over analyze ourselves silly doing that. At least I do! lol

Look at your other successes, too. You totally overcame on your night out. That's fantastic!!!!!!!

spunkysuzi said...

It's true sometimes even though i've had a great week i find it hard to be happy with a small loss! I think we need to appreciate just being happy with how we feel and where we are, but it sure is hard.