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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

7 things....

I got a Beautiful Blogger award from Katie J... she has never seen my face, so lets just say I got in by default! haha ;) And... I think she is looking forwards to hearing the 7 most interesting things that I can post about myself....

Lets see:

1. I have a mini rib. My lowest right rib in my ribcage is only half the size that it should be...Its genetic (Chiro was telling me). I call it Adam, my ribblet! Never bothered me and I don't suspect that it ever will.

2. I love sci-fi, fantasy, post apocalyptic and zombie books. I read a LOT. I haven't had a TV in 5 years until I got to Houston. I would read one or two books a week. If you want a suggestion I have a lot....just in case you were looking to get some great fantasy books in your rotation.

3. I broke my neck in 2003. Fractured my C3 in a sports match. The paramedics arrived and the Ambulance man said to his partner (after eyeballing me) - "get the no-neck collar". I said to him, "I heard that". It was quick funny... although at the time I thought that my neck was fine and that I would be just peachy. After my x-rays and CAT scan, I was wrong. Never paralyzed or anything, so I'm quite lucky. I've always been thick and ... well... I don't have a long graceful neck. I think that I remember this both because it was funny, but also because I was a little ashamed of my short bull neck.

4. My grandparents house is haunted, and I am terrified of ghosts.

5. I'm a lefty. I quite enjoy being a sinister southpaw!! But I do have a lot of trouble telling right from left if I'm giving or taking directions while driving.

6. I have over 3 feet of scars on my body from all kinds of surgeries and injuries. I measured them all out with a tape measure one day a few years ago.

7. I was a medical test subject. When I was a broke traveler in the UK I went and signed up for a test subject job for a week in a medical facility that was testing nasal spray that inhibited hunger. I'll have to write more about it some time. It was quite the experience. In the end it really taught me that hunger has nothing to do with wanting to eat and that even if I had a spray (that worked), I would have been overweight. I think I was 220lbs then. Best of all was that I made 1,000pounds for 7 days of work and was fed and housed the whole time. Winner!
**Bows** that is all!


Katie said...

wow.....that's sounds like a great deal on the medical tests!

My daughter has the same rib thing on her opposite side.

CONGRATS! on the award! :)

Paula Rodriguez said...

A sinister southpaw... okay. I enjoyed reading your list. You know, I am right handed and all three of my children are lefties... Hmmmm I wonder how and why?

Congratulations on the award.

jo said...

Interesting...my DH is an avid reader, too (a book a night) and likes many of the type you read. He's also a south paw. lol

How scary about the neck brake--wow. Medical test subject? lol Interesting. You'll have to share your experience.

Of course I'd like to hear about the haunted house, but something tells me you're not going to write about it. lol

Congrats on your award! =)

Lisa "One Mom's Weight Loss" said...

The nasal spray is the funniest. I know I could be fat with any concoction that inhibits hunger. I could my weight in chocolate or pizza anyday anytime....hunger or not.

Sunny said...

you BROKE your neck?? yikes!

Katie J said...

What a great list! 3 Feet of scars is interesting. That reminds me of my friends who weighed their heads LOL.

Deb said...

OK, I am going to need to hear more about the haunted house. Pretty please?