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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weigh in and a reflection

Its been a week since my all new high weight of 297.8lbs. I've been doing a lot of reading this week, and thinking about how I have let myself get up to this point. I had been avoiding the scale because I knew that there was really bad news and then finally - when it looked like I was going to have to get a whole new wardrobe... I weighed in and really gave myself a shake.

This last week I have been making some changes for the better and thinking more about helping myself instead of feeding my emotions.

1. I have done 5 out of 7 runs. This last one finally showing me the results that I wanted... that being that it was not as difficult and even *gasp* slightly enjoyable! This morning my legs and hips are warm...but not "sore". Its forward progress and I wanted to be sure to note it!

Also, what I have done this time with my goals is different from before.... that after missing my first run (goal) I would have just given up. "I missed and didn't get my goal - might as well not bother and try something else"... where as this time I thought "damn it... I'm not going to let this beat me - I have to keep trying to run". I will admit that it was fueled by the thought of having to post on here for all of you that I had once again given up. So, thanks!! :)

2. I have started tracking my food calories again. This, as I have seen over and over and over and over in many peoples blogs... is really key. Even for those that don't "track calories" they are doing something that makes them look at what they are eating. I have fallen victim of mindless eating way too many times and look where it has got me.

I read back and over the last few months how many times have I typed "eating was okay today" or "eating was good today". I gained 16lbs... I highly doubt that I was remembering all that I had eaten. I also gave me an all new appreciation for some of the things that I had been having.... I would think nothing of having 1 or even 2 eggnog lattes on a Saturday. O.M.G ... they are 480 calories each! So, what was a mindless treat has now become and ACTUAL TREAT.... as in one ever couple of weeks... or like today. Will be calculated into my intake for the day.

3. Water... my bugaboo. I'm still not drinking anywhere near enough, and I'm working on it. Dehydration is bad in so many ways.

OKAY! on to the good stuff!

This morning I got up and weighed in for the first time in ...well I can't remember.

Jan 3, 2010

295 for a total loss of 2.8lbs in one week!!!

I am really proud of myself today. :)


tena said...

Yay! Go, Tammy! Congrats on the loss! Keep up the hard work and it will pay off!

Woo Hoo!! Totally awesome, girlie!

Deb said...

Yippy! Way to go on your running goal...so impressive!

This has to have banished the grumpies away. :-)

Staci Dombroski said...

Way to go on the weight loss! Keep up the great work :-0

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

That's how we rock that scale!

Way to go.

Amazon Runner said...

Great to get back on track, isn't it? A lot of us got "unfocused" during the holiday season. Back in the saddle!

Here's to a year of achievement for all of us!

SeaShore said...

Congrats on the loss this week, and more importantly, on the changes you're making.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

you SHOULD be proud!!! WTG girlie, you are really an inspiration. Thanks so much for challenging me :) I actually chose yours as my first challenge :) I'm probably going to make them more of a daily routine. They are a good way to start working on my upper body strength without killing me.