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Monday, January 4, 2010


Another goal tucked under my belt today. A morning of procrastination, however I successfully negotiated my way to the gym today. This mornings treadmill jaunt was actually.... enjoyable!!!! I started at a light pace and worked hard in the second half of the ten minute sets. I was focusing today on staying strong though my core.

The time flew by and at the end I felt like I could have done another set of 10! What a great feeling.

Set 1
7min 3.4
3min - 3.6
Set 2
5min 3.5
3min 3.6
2min 3.8
Set 3
5min 3.5
3min 3.8
2min 4.0

The bad news is that yesterday one of my back teeth got a chip. I have an appointment shortly here, to see what can be done. I'm upset as I have no insurance for this sort of thing and I'm still not employed. ARG. Of course the dentist that did the filling in that tooth is in Canada... so its not like I can go in there and see if they can fix it for free. :( Rawr.

But such is life and I know I can't leave these kinds of things without care so I will have to buck up and pay. I hope its easy and cheap (ish!).

Todays goal - 3L water!

Alrighty, time for some breakfast and a shower!

EDIT:: tooth fixed...$250 lighter in the wallet now. :( But my chompers are important so it had to be done.


Katie said...

First...CONGRATS on the weight loss! Whoo hooo! :)

Second....I'm glad your tooth is better. Yep...those chompers are important!

Third.....You are kicking butt and I'm so proud of you, gf! :)

Sunny said...

sorry abt your tooth, but i'm glad you got it fixed! good for you for reaching your workout goal!!

She woke up FAT said...

I really need to follow in your foot steps and set some goals.
I'm such a lazy bum.
Sorry about your tooth. I know all about Not haveing dental insurance.

fitlizzio said...

another one under your belt!! keep it up!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

whew - good job on getting your workouts in & pushing through!

Hey, can I use some of your treadmill workouts in my PriorFatGirl Workout Guide? Email me!

Sweety On A Diet said...

Now I see what you mean with tracking your goals on the frontpage of your blog! What a great idea!

Well done with your workouts!