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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My dogs are barking!

A bit of a break and lots of good ol' excitement at the Tamzin Ranch.

Trip to San Antonio was great - food was terrible and the hotel gym was packed. The Husband had to get to work so I never got in my Wednesday run sadly. I thought that my planning was solid, I just didn't expect that all the machines in the hotel gym would be in use. Silly me. :(

Food on the road was good, brought lots of water, fruit and jerky (salty...and I'm pretty swollen! but drinking lots of water). I was over in calories on Tuesday & Wednesday, but Monday and Thursday were under calorie days. Hoping that this will give me some balance through the weekend.

I got the starting date for my new job while in San Antonio, the call was Tuesday afternoon and I started Thursday/Today!!!!!! Which was a little bit tight for my liking, but how can I say no to the $$ and suggest a day later? We got in late Wednesday night, and basically got home, dropped the bags and went to bed.

Today was good - but let me tell ya... 4 months in runners and flip flops did not prepare my feet for a day in heels. I forgot what nearly 300lbs can do in a shoe! I have a large blister on the ball of my left foot...riiiight where the toes meet the foot pad. Needless to say, I can hardly walk now and I am going to be incapable of getting in my run tomorrow morning. Gerrrrr.

This is everything that I hate about being under prepared for this. I've been procrastinating since I got the offer, and now.... my fitness is paying for it. Which was exactly what I DIDN'T want to happen.

So this I promise. I might be in a mid-week slump, and not getting my runs and goals... but this is just one week and this is not going to be the way that things are for the rest of this month. Tonight I sat down and entered in all the last three days of calories, and I'm not going to stop that (cause I know Suzi would hurt me!). This weekend I'll be getting back on track with running, and figuring out a pattern that works for me.

Sad little time to perv on your blogs in the last few days, so I know I'm missing some interesting things. Will check on y'all soon!

Also!! Shout out to one of my commenters CactusFreak! I have been too busy to get to your blog but I will! And they suggested that I post a note about how good I feel after running so that in the mornings I have some notivation to get up and going. I LIKE IT!!!! And it shall be done.


Heather said...

Girl, I know what you are talking about with the heels, I have several pairs of fricken hot heels that I can't wait to wear more comfortable once I am lighter!

Paula Rodriguez said...

Oh, I like your attitude. It's only mid week and you'll get right back on track. Sometimes, we just gotta listen to our bodies...

Love your title.

Take care

Lisa "One Mom's Weight Loss" said...

I would totally die if I had to wear heels all day. OUCH!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Oh you just made me laugh out loud :)
That's right i'm watching you!!
Seriously good luck on the job and as this is the first week it will take some time to get into a routine. I also know you can do it :)

Katie said...

Congratulations on not hitting anyone with your heels! This fat chick doesn't do heels...not until she's lost the fat. I'd be WAY too grumpy not to hurt someone! lol

I hope you're enjoying your new job! Keep on running! You'll figure out your new schedule and how it will work for you. Don't push yourself too hard. :)