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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday is the new Monday

omg.... this was a very Mondayish kind of day for a Tuesday, and I hope that it doesn't carry over into the rest of the week. ANYWAY... the morning started out really well.

1. I was up AT my alarm. This is a small miracle that you have just witnessed. I have a habit of getting up when I should be leaving, and being about 20min late to work for the last month.

2. Not only was I up at my alarm, but I did 100 crunch, and 100 pushups. If you can call what I was doing a pushup. My the end if was more of a shoulder dip, however, my arms and abs are warm today, so I know they did something.

3. I was at work on time.

Sadly, things took a turn for the worse. Its bee a hellish day at the desk. But, its almost done. So, thats that.

Fluids/Water: currently done 100.5oz of water. its 4.30pm. 100oz is about half what I want to get a day, so today is better than yesterday, but not as good as it could be. I had the lid on the bottle for a while this morning and sadly, that means that I don't sip as much as I should.

Sad, but true.

Walkies: I'm hoping to get one in tonight, but not too sure if I will. We will see. There is actually some blue sky out there, might have to try and take advantage of it.

Food today: Not too bad. I'm pleased. I didn't have the second coffee of the day, but I'm leaving it in there since I'm too lazy to change it! :)

Home soon, and then my firends...its blog perving time. I can't wait!!!!! I'm so out of the loop!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sorry your good day went down hill. Mine sort of did the same but overall I got some things done around the house. I don't know if I will get in my walk or not. I did get the strength training in and I did bathroom scrubbing that should count for something. :)

Tena said...

Not being late - that's a battle for me, too. I just dilly-dally around the house and before I know it, I'm late. *sigh*

Still, you're day sounds pretty darn good. Crunches and push-ups?! I'm impressed :)

Hope you got out in the sun.

Polar's Mom said...

Hey, any day waking up early AND getting the workout in is a good day in my book!

Polar's Mom

Kelly said...

Did I read that right? 100 pushups? WOW!