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Friday, January 7, 2011

Tracking Calories

Oh my it is beautiful outside. I took a short drive and spent most of my lunch hour at the park today. Just wandering in the sunshine and catching up with a couple of Canuck friends on the phone.

I was going to get a coffee at Starbucks, but there was not a single spot to park so I left and had my water and enjoyed myself without the coffee! :)

Back at the office with arse in chair. Today has been crazy busy - deadlines...why why why can the stuff only get done ON the day and not in the weeks before when I sent all this crap out? Its Friday people... lets try and enjoy ourselves instead of making it so hellish.

Mostly over now anyway. Tonight we are headed out for dinner to one of my favorite salad places. I can't wait! They are huge and Delicious. Tomorrow morning I have a big walk planned. Nearing 4 miles this time I think. The weather is going to cool off a little for the weekend, which I like.

Food is going good today. My tracking on my spreadsheet is going okay - I am just so busy recovering from the holidays....

wait ......

that is a big FAT F*CKING LIE!!! I'm feeling comfortable and not bothering to track as much. Right. That has been identified properly now. And I shall be doing my updating asap!! This is not the time to fall off and forget how I got to here. Here being the place where I am losing weight and enjoying life... not getting fatter again. DANGER DANGER!! My alarm has been triggered!!

Back...to tracking!! I'm behind on water today as well. Ah ha!... this is the Friday of self analysis!

Alright. Weekend...here I come. I can't wait to get out in the fresh air!!


Laryssa said...

Glad you enjoyed the weather. I walked in snow. Lots of snow. But I got my walk in for the day. :)

Oooooh! If I don't measure, weight and track, I lose all control because I convince myself that I'm eating less than I actually am. The tracking helps so much.

Back to it, girl!! :)

Joy said...

Love the turnaround at the bottom of your post ;) It made me giggle.

Great job with the exercise! I hope you have a great weekend!

BTW, this is going to sound stupid but is Canuck like an endearing term or what? I always thought it was an off-limits term but am I crazy? Or is it only something fellow Canadians can use? Inquiring minds want to know! At any rate, I think it sounds cute :)

Kimberly said...

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. I've got my windows open now and it is so nice to have fresh air flooding my place.

And yeah, you better start tracking again. I noticed I do miles better when I track and blog than when I let things slide.

Kelly said...

Enjoy the walk. Loving this gorgeous weather.

So what's your favorite salad place? Mine is Sweet Tomatoes but it can be a dangerous placee to go.

Tamzin said...

Back and Tracking!!!!

Joy - Canuck is more a term of endearment - its not insulting at all! :) .. I guess context is everything though. ha!

Kelly - I love the petaluma salad at barnaby's. Its a total veggies salad. LOVE IT!!!!!

right... now to post something!