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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arctic blast!!

Evey time I hear that on the news it makes me think of a new flavor of gum or toothpaste.... Arctic blast...so delicious and cool. It will take your breath away.

Yes.. the arctic blast has even managed to worm is way all the way to Houston. This morning I wore my scarf, mittens and FLIPFLOPS! hahahaha I love flip flops. I have to wear dress shoes all day so... efff it. In the car, its flip flops all the way! Thats why cars have heaters!

I am lagging today... Wednesday... bleck. I'm going to need a coffee injection here in a little bit. So here is yesterdays review since I was too lazy to log on again last night.

Walk: 3.5miles (it was awesome out!! nice and chilly!!!)


Karen Butler Ogle said...

You KNOW it is winter if it is artic in Texas. I don't think there are many place anywhere that isn't freezing these days.

Mrs. D said...

Memphis is having some crazy cold weather too!! I swear, anytime it gets this cold, I think of that movie Day After Tomorrow.. I just wanna keep my toes!