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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


i ate some.

Thats it for today.. . no more "you can have some".

Only Water and on plan for the rest of the night. AND I'm going to get a walk in this evening. Damn it.


Tena said...

I've had to stop giving myself permission for awhile. Just like a child, I always want more :)

Hope you got to go walk.

Tammy said...

You ate some, I want some. None around to have and that's a good thing. Cake is in my very near future. My birthday is coming up and my husband is making his annual (because it's too fattening to have more than once a year) cheesecake. My plan this year, is to give more away. Sister and family are invited over and I will give them a piece to eat and another to take home. Leftover would be gobbled up by me faster than I could think to say no.

Did you go for that walk?

Anonymous said...

I think it's important that if you do have cake or whatever, you get right back on track, like you have...and walking is good :-)