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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Walking Onwards

I enjoyed my walk very much last night, however when I got home, I really didn't want to go.

I forced myself to get changed into my walking clothes.... sat around... put on my runners..... sat around....fiddled with this and that.... sat around....

Finally I just had to stand up and tell myself to stop stalling and get moving. It worked and in 10 minutes I was out in the night air enjoying the park with oh...about 300 other people out there making changes in their life for the better. All shapes sizes and speeds. Its a nice feeling and by the end of it - I really felt great physically for having gotten out and moved around.

I stopped at the Kroger on the way home and had a MAJOR NSV. Being alone in the grocery store at night after working out is a huge trigger for me to buy junk. In fact, going to get "a couple of things" at the grocery store is a bad one for me in general. If I'm doing a huge shop with a list I'm okay, but that quick nip in and out of the store has always been "Treat time for Tamzin". The hand is faster than the brain... and I would be leaving with a snickers bar or something else... M&M's etc. Always consumed in the vehicle, quickly, guiltily and then the remains hidden in the trash.

Last night, I thought about it... my old brain said - late night store visit = treat. I wrestled with myself a little and then said. No. I won't. I got in, got my stuff. Got out. I'm happier and stronger for it. This morning I weighed in... 284.8.

Onwards... and downwards!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

I have the same struggles. Last night though I send Dail to the store to pick up my necessities and so thought I was safe but when it came time for relaxing, the snack bug hit me and I lied to myself and told myself that I didn't have to really start my new plan until today. I found myself sending Dail out for my favorite peanut butter cookies. It was a real wakeup call and I realize now how dangerous night/relaxing/television is to my level of temptation. I have the best intentions today. I may have to come on tonight and blog every fifteen minutes to keep from getting into snacking mode but if that is what it takes, I will just have to do it. I believe that if I can manage to avoid the late nigth snacking for two weeks, I will have established a GOOD eating habit. Wish me luck!

Kelly said...

I see two victories there: not getting treats at Kroger and going for a walk even when you didn't feel like it. That is terrific.

Maybe you could treat yourself to something different at the store. A new fruit or something like that. I know I know. No the same as Snickers but you get a treat that you can feel good about.

Congratulations on the new low on the scale.

Vegan Chick Pea said...

Same here. I'll pop in to get some bananas and some bread (for example), but I always come out with some kind of treat.

It wouldn't be so bad since it's only ONE treat. But... I eat it as soon as I get home!!! I don't save it for the next day.

Problem is... I'll have already eaten all my calories for the day. So I got over!

Very glad to hear you did well with your NSV! Congrats! It's harder than it sounds!

Tena said...

Woo hoo! Way to go, Tam! Congrats all around - getting out there, skipping the treat, and losing some poundage!

Really awesome!

Tamzin said...


Kelly - that is truth - 2 victories and yes Chickpea ... I need a new "treat" pattern. I shall have to find it soon.

Karen. If you blog every 5 minutes its worth it!!

Tena. You rock! I can't wait to see the 270's ... then.... down down down!

Thanks All!! :)