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Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy Bee!

another manic Friday here. I have never worked at a place like this before where every Friday is 2x as crazy as the Monday. Why not winding DOWN the week people??

regardless, I've been at a dead run since 7.45 this morning and just realized that I've not had a single sip of water here yet. This is NOT GOOD.

Getting on top of that right now.

Last nights dinner was great - green apple, 1c low fat cottage cheese and some light whole grain waffles with a little bit of honey. I was just slightly hungry at bed time and that is a good feeling now.

Okay - today is not going to get any less busy, so I better hit it full steam...and now with hydration!


more later


Polar's Mom said...

I totally agree about Friday...when I am winding down my week everyone else is trying to cram stuff in before the weekend, instead of hitting the ground running on Monday like me! Damn procrastinators (of whom I was the BIGGEST until 10 years ago).

Polar's Mom

~ Darla ~ said...

Yep, need H20, but being on the dead run probably burnt off a few calories.

Tammy said...

Nothing like a busy Friday to make you appreciate the weekend even more.

I've had those kind of busy days where it's hard to fit in lunch let alone trips to refill the water.

Hydrate and have a great weekend.

Vegan Chick Pea said...

I wish Fridays were easier too... they should be! :) Hopefully your weekned will be relaxing!