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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hump day...nearly done.

Today has been a struggle. Not that it has been a particularly difficult day work wise, but I'm having trouble getting in the grove. I need to get more sleep. A huge issue for me. Last night was an earlier night, and I fell asleep easily, which is a big concern for me. I don't like to lay awake in the dark.

So, lunch today I went to starbucks and got a skim milk latte with a pump of mocha and a zucchini walnut muffin.

I get back here and look it up for my spreadsheet and ....OMFG.... 490 calories for a F*CKING MUFFIN. wow. You know what. I'm not going to be doing THAT anymore. My "fat"brain was all...

"zucchini are vegetables... they are gooooood for you...... dooo itttttt" and I thought, yeah, I have salmon and couscous for lunch... I can do this.


Dinner tonight is a giant vegetarian Petaluma salad at Barnaby's. Good gawds. I didn't enjoy the damn muffin that much. 450 calories. Fug...it must have been made with pure butter. That is about the highest calorie thing on there. I didn't even LIKE it that much. *growly face*

Not only that, but my water has been LOW LOW LOW today. and I'm all bunged up in the pipes department. I had a small unpleasant poop this afternoon in the ladies loo here and usually I'm a more regular type girl. Especially with having chili yesterday... where are all the beans? !!! ??? It makes me a little bit scared. No wonder my belly is sore and I've been uncomfortable all day.

So... I'm pounding the water for the rest of today and getting myself back on schedule!!

Food today is:


Tammy said...

Darn, I hate when that happens. It's a bummer the muffin didn't taste better for the calorie intake. It doesn't need to ruin your day though - sounds like you are on track and dinner is reasonable. Good luck with the pipes.

Kelly said...

I just posted an award for you over at my blog!!

outdoor.mom said...

keep it up keep it up!! get over taht hump ;-)

How I'm Losing It said...

I've given you a blog award...


How I'm Losing It said...

HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the Ice and Fire series!! I'm currently re-reading the series, cuz I'm getting tired of waiting for the next one, Dance with Dragons!!! C'mon George!!! Also getting HBO for that sole purpose!! Too funny!

Mrs. D said...

I'm so sorry about the muffin :(. I've gotten to here I never order things when we go out without checking the website first. My iPhone makes it easier on those impromptu runs. Looks like you have a plan to make up for it though!

Kimberly said...

I nearly died when I found out how much those muffins are calorically. They seem all healthy with their green vegetables and then you get hit with the nutritional stats and how much sugar do they put in that thing?

It was a hard lesson, but you live and learn.

Robin said...

those muffins will get us every time!! Atleast you realized and are back on track. best of luck in 2011. You can do this!