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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday blahs

I will tell you this. 75 kettle bell double handed swings on Monday has made hamburger meat of my arse and hamstrings. I’m limping around the office like a hobbled horse. Fun!! Got out at lunch and did a lap around the park to try and loosen off. Tomorrow morning I have to do it again!! Eep!!

Mack (the dog) is adjusting well. He is on a x2 daily steroid to help him with the heartworms. Which he happily takes with peanutbutter!! He was sacked out last night dreaming at my feet - whiskers going and paws twitching. So cute. Husband bought some new brushes and the most amazing invention I’ve ever seen. Doggie wipes. These are pop up doggie wipes for between baths and Mack loves a good rub down. Totally fun and honestly took teh doggie smell off. Since we can't have him too stressed for his heart, I don't know if we can bath him. Should he dislike water.... it could get too hard on him. This is the happy medium, and he loves being brushed so that makes it easy.

Today has been a great day food wise. I’ve not had enough water, but that is because I didn’t have any beside the bed this morning, and only had half my usual on the way to work. So nearly a liter behind right now. Planning on making that up on the ride home and over dinner.

I had an awesome My Fit Foods lunch today – Jalapeño Steak Salad. Steak, some corn relish and fresh cut jalapeños and a really interesting vinaigrette dressing over spinach leaves. Hot. My nose was running. Tonight is salad 2. we are off to get salads at my fav little place, Barnabys. I just finished a diet Dr.Pepper - which is not on the list, but was a last minute replacement for what I really wanted (sweets).

We watched the last of Fringe season 1 last night so tonight – no excuses for not going to bed earlier. I’m exhausted anyway. I had to literally roll off the mattress to get to my feet this morning.

Work is almost done. I can’t wait to get out of here and get the evening started, the sky is blue and its lovely out. Might get to drive home with the windows down a little!

Food today: (totally rocken the protein!)


Mrs. D said...

Maybe my ass is broken.. the swings didn't really do much to mine! Or I'm doing it wrong. That's definitely the most likely answer!

Polar's Mom said...

I did kettlebell snatches last night and my ass is grass today-I know how you feel, and its AWESOME! So glad to hear Mack is getting his fair share of peanut butter, and coming along well.He must be so friggin happy to have found you to trust you enough to sleep in front of you.

Polar's Mom