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Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Update and Weigh In.

Weekend was a biggie. Need to catch up.

Walked – 3mils – not the 5km that I was going to try and get.
Lots of adventuring and cleaning of the house
Food has been off and on. I’m noticing that I’m eating a lot LESS and not as stressed out about the when and where my next meal will be coming from. Good mental progress.


We adopted a doggie!! He is a rescue and this has been in the works for a while. He is a 2yr old Rottweiler Australian Shepherd cross. Really adorable and is currently heartworm positive. So he is undergoing his treatments, which is pretty horrible. A lot like chemo. So he has to be kept quiet and still, not get his heart pumping fast as that can damage it or even kill him. He has a rotti face and a spotted aussie body and a little nub for a tail. He is a very relaxed and chill dog to begin with, so the next two months of restricted activity should be not too hard on him.

He should be all better in about months, then I’ll be able to start taking him for walks (and …gasp… runs in the mornings!) and really enjoying getting out and about with him. So happy!


I’ve been doing a lot of reading and have picked up a couple of books of interest. The End of Overeating. This is a very interesting book on the “hyperpalitable” foods that are created for consumption, but also a significant portion is on the biology in the brain that leads us to overeating them. Nothing that someone who isn’t an overeater doesn’t intuitively know – fast foods and junk foods are created specifically to make you want more.

There were some very interesting experiments about how mice will perform a repetitive task for sugar water to almost the same extent as they will cocaine. Very strong response indeed. I can see in my life and experiences with food and cravings described in this book and I highly recommend it. In fact, I like it so much that when I’m done reading it – I’m going to give it away here to someone else who will pass it forward once they are finished.

The other book I picked up was The 4 hour body, by Tim Ferris. He is a slightly annoying, rich arrogant prick. However, this book has some very interesting fitness and science in it and I dont care how annoying/rich/arrogant someone is . I’ve put into place his most simple workout. 75 double handed kettle bell swings 3x a week in the mornings. Its worth picking up if you have the time and extra cash (at Borders with the $20 membership you get 40% off new hardbacks so it was $25 instead of $45ish).

I’ve committed myself to:

1. Getting up at 6.30 this every day week with plans to move that back to 6am get ups.

2. Dog walking (potty for now - actual walks later when he is able).

3. 75 kettle bell swings on Monday Wednesday and Fridays.

Getting an earlier start is going to make the mornings better. I hate laying in and being late, but I am always bad about getting up. I will tell you all this. I did 3 sets of 25 swings today and my ass is HURTING! So are my arms for that matter! I have a 25lbs bell right now, but I suspect that will be too light in 3 weeks. So I’ll have to go and eyeball a new one. Its almost highland games season anyway, so time to get my butt moving!

Weigh In:

Total wash. 285.4lbs today. However, next monday I'mexpecting som good results. This week I'm going to get strtict with my food again, and really put forth the effort that I desirve to give myself.

Okay – that is my weekend, I'm pretty pleased and now I’m off to perv all over yours! HA!!


Vegan Chick Pea said...

Your puppy is sooo cute! :) :) I hope he gets better soon so you guys can lead a happy and healthy life together! :)

Your committments are great... just look at your weight loss! :) Awesome job!

Twix said...

Hope the doggie gets better soon - no fun. (((doggie hugs)))

I picked up a kettle ball this past week. Wow and it was a 25 too. I can't imagine throwing it around! I think it's awesome what you are trying to accomplish. Good luck!! :D

Big White Granny Panties said...

Your dog looks lovely. And you are too for rescuing him. I have owned australian shepherds for 20 years. They spoil you for any other dog.

Love your blog. I'm pretty new to blogging and will be excited to follow your progress.
xo GP

Princess Dieter said...

Love the poochie-mutt. Sorry he's sick. :(

THE END OF OVEREATING was the single most important book for me in my weight loss struggle. I'd have to say SWITCH and WHY WE GET FAT come in tied for second most crucial to me, and BEATING OVEREATING is coming up into fourth, maybe. Not diet books so much as "why you do what you do, what your body does, how to get to the root of the issue of binging, overeating, hunger, fat...how to change...how to see it differently..."

I always recommend it to the obese, TEofO, that is. And to Insulin Resistant, prediabetic, diabetic folks, Why We Get Fat.

Happy new week of weight-loss and fatfighting!

Princess Dieter said...

Oh, and I think you got your weight loss numbers transposed. OR...you had a massive fat emigration. :D

Tamzin said...

Dyslexia for the WIN!!!

Thanks Princess! I'm heading over to change it! teehee

And to everyone else - I love that poochie already!!

Tena said...

What a cute face on that little doggie! And how awesome of you and the hubs to adopt him. He looks so sweet. Bless his little heart, I hope he gets over those nasty worms soon.

You are doing so great, Tam. And I love how you don't mince words about that dude - call it like is - :)

Tammy said...

Cute dog, hope he heals soon.

Thanks for the book reviews, I will look into them.

Good luck this week, it sounds like you have a good plan.

Polar's Mom said...

YAY YAY YAY-congrats on your doggie! Did you mention the name? Did I just miss that? He is so lucky to have you guys, and hopefully will be good as new in no time! What a sweet face!

Polar's Mom

Tamzin said...

oops! totally forgot the name!

Mack... as in Mack truck, he is a solid bit o' dog! :)